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Thread: Rules... what rules?

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    Question Rules... what rules?

    So someone talks about BBFS... someone else insults others blatantly... 1 week ban...

    Other people get 6 month bans for taking sides in little forum wars... lol

    Who's leg do you have to hump to get a thread deleted around here?

    I just think moderation should be equal for all, don't you guys?
    Also why do only some bans now get posted?

    This forum confuses me now... thank god for all the AMAZING people who visit it.

    Love you all!

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    I guess the best thing to do is never insult anybody, no matter how you disagree with him, then you should not get banned. (Not pointing you, im saying this as a general statement :P)

    I was on a different board the other day and lots of people where openly talking about BBFS, but they where not from MTL, it seem in europe its more common, and altough i DISAGREE with this practice, i find it over the top that people react so badly about the mention of it, as much as saying we should cut your balls and make you eat them and stuff like that. Personally i have never been on the bad side of moderation, and yet i many times openly stated my mind. I guess there is a way to value your opinion without insulting or resulting in a ban.
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    I never understood why people get into these forum wars.

    You state your opinion and thats it, no need to go back and forth bashing each other if you don't agree with one other in a forum.

    I rarely respond back if someone disagrees with me or says something negative.

    Really not worth my while.
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    because people want their opinion to be right. our ego makes it hard to accept that we're wrong or that we're in a minority. it's stupid but that's how we behave

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