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Thread: Bachelor Party Advice - Where to find good independents?

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    Bachelor Party Advice - Where to find good independents?

    Hi all,

    I'm a new member on this board, but hobby in Ontario and review under the same handle there.

    I'm the "organizer" for a bachelor party in MTL next month & I'm sort of panicing... I want the group to have a blast - and don't want the issue of bait & switch that happens so often in the industry.

    Ideally, would want 2 girls - in a semi-orgy style environment. There will be 8 guys (but 3 will be "hands off" & not partake in the activities, just on lookers). What advise does anyone recommend?

    Which sites do independents advertise? I've seen Kingdom 99 and; are they legit? Something tells me they are bait & switch - but I can't be certain.

    Anyways, I am out of my element here. In Ontario we use, what's the equivalent in Montreal? I've never liked agencies - because they are often bait & switch, and come in to get the job done with the minimum time scheduled.


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    just loo k at the independant advertising on meb you will find what you are looking for.

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    I think that if you study the reviews you will be quite surprised at the level of professionalism of the highly-reviewed Montreal agencies. There are several that simply do not bait and switch, ever. Many of these well-reviewed agencies several pairs of girls that do interactive duos with girls "Wild" enough to fuck every guy in the room, minus the non participants. This option will give you depth. If a duo cannot make it, they will have the ability to substitute. You are not going to get that level of depth with independents. Montreal has the best agency system in North America. I think you would be making a mistake not to use that system. And the agencies are generally less expensive than the independents. You can probably specify the number of ladies you want, specify what you want done, and that agency will deliver.

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    Hi Guys! Thanks a lot!! I feel more at ease with looking at agency reviews now..

    Agencies in Ontario, are quite different (really crappy fly by night service) - and the independents are much more well reviewed & less expensive.

    I was a little overwhelmed by at first, because our forums have direct links to each independent`s backpage ad. So I guess it`s just a little different out in Montreal :-)

    [ plus - if it was just me, not a big deal... but now I have to make sure the party is satisfied - so the pressure is one ] !!

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