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Thread: See the man in her?

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    See the man in her?

    I just discovered Janet Mock. No clue if she's well known.

    For the first time in my life I felt attracted to a man. Is anyone capable to see a man in her?

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    Unbelievable. She looks good!!! I do not see the man in her.

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    Even her voice, wow. Now I have to admit that, I was stupid in an earlier thread saying that it was easy to tell.

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    I can, he has heavier brow ridges an Adam's apple and a male's hairline etc.

    He also has the skeletal frame of a man because ... he's a man.

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    Actually I do, maybe cause I know, but I defenitly do.

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    It's scary that sometimes you just don't know.
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    There are some mannish chicks and some hard core girlymen. You go full tilt with the clothing and the makeup...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDon View Post
    It's scary that sometimes you just don't know.
    Isn't it? She was beautiful, I swear!

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    Go to Thailand and tell me if you see an Adam's apple and bigger unnatural frame. Sometimes you do. The only way I can tell if she was born a woman or a man is if she is too hot to be true. Than it is probably a ladyboi. Anyone who has been there will understand this. We are not talking about TVs that hang out on the street corners in Montreal.

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    I know someone who claims he can always tell and claims when you get those day time TV shows Man or women episodes he always spots it. Claims he would never get fooled. I told him that I don't know about him but in day to day life if I see something that looks like a hot chick the first thing I check out isn't the throat. However he was often full of shit.

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    Can't help but think of this song... You know the one

    BTW - Hands are sometimes a give away too.

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    I have heard that only a woman can lock their elbows out straight. They can make their arms totally straight and men can't.

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    I've hear that too, but I don't know if it's every women who can do that.

    She looks good in a bikini, (but I suspect the breasts are enhanced...)
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