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Thread: Making Sense of the final poll results for the Montreal Agency of the year

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    Making Sense of the final poll results for the Montreal Agency of the year

    I thought it was premature to close out the agency of the year thread. There was so much to consider. My first visit to Montreal was 2001. I discovered MERB in 2006 and I made my first post in 2007. It was a review of Allysson of Devilish October 2007. I noticed that the landscape over the years has changed. Devilish/GOF wasn`t even nominated.

    This thread is dedicated to a discussion of the poll results. What is it about the business model of your favorite agency that appeals to you the most? Why did you vote for that agency and not the others? Why do you keep coming back? Why have some agencies flourished while others have faded away? How do agencies like GoodGirls and Wildtimes seem to come from nowhere and then quickly dominate the Montreal agency scene?

    Why did GoodGirls garnerd 2x vote than their next closest competitor? What is it about their business model that made this happen?

    What is the appeal of MSC and why have they had such a strong showing year after year?

    What happened to Devilish/GOF and Eleganza. What made them great and why has interest in these agencies faded over the years?

    Do you think that the poll data reflects agency revenue?

    Why did you vote for agency XYZ?

    I`ll go first. I was directed to GoodGirls by Iggy. I will say that Iggy and I often had exchanged PMs about SPs and he has suggested several SPs to me that from other agencies. However, this time it was Kate that Iggy directed me to. Since then, I have not received a dud from this agency. When I called a 2nd time, the owner remembered my real name and recognized my voice. He does try to make you feel like a friend. He allows me to prebook and I like the in-call option and 1/2 hour in-call option. The GG3 party was probably the highlight of my Montreal hobby experiences. I got to meet nearly the entire GG lineup and 3 Indies and several hobbyists I have been chatting with on MERB for years. I felt like I was in a carry out bar in Latin America or a Whiskaria in Rio De Janeiro that night. One more thing: Mike`s girls seem to like working for him. Can GGs keep this up?

    Back in the day Eleganza always had new young talent and the service was very liberal. It was fun to check their who`s on list on Mondays and I would prebook. Also, John`s recommendations were spot on. However, the owner seemed to have an adversarial relationship with the help and he wasn`t very friendly to me either. In spite of this, I probably would have never had used anyone else if the talent pool hadn`t diminished over the years.

    In 2013 I had one bad experience with a top agency. I had rejected the first girl that the booker had suggested because he said you may recieve a CBJ. I cant remember the exact words but The booker mentioned to me that this is the way his agency can recruit and maintain such outstanding talent. I guess all agencies allow their girls to refuse services. I insisted upon another girl. A well reviewed girl that turned out to be a cold fish that should seek out a career in accounting after she retires as an SP.

    I like MTLGFE`s line-up and I like their specials. They have Alicia. But they also told me told me that their girls are going to be warm and friendly and when you receive a cold fish this is a reflection of the agency owner.

    I have only dealt with Wildtimes once but the agency owner seemed very eager to please. I like their specials. I made clothing request and they delivered in spades. Jimmy even made a follow up call to see how I liked the girl. I will use them again.

    I am rambling. What are your thoughts? Why did you vote the way you did?

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    My answer to your question is posted in the thread that you linked to. It looks like Merlot posted a lot of comments by way of quotes and my thoughts are contained in those quotes.

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    Hello all,

    Quote Originally Posted by hungry101 View Post

    I thought it was premature to close out the agency of the year thread.
    Well, it`s not closed. Members are free to to post there. As I promised, I copied and saved every post relevant to how people felt about the choices. Only some negative exchanges were removed.

    As for why GoodGirls won, it`s pretty obvious. The clients like the way the agency is run and according to so many reviews they currently seem to have more of the hot girls than any other agency. Anyone who didn`t realize how this poll was going to turn out had to have missed Merb and the big trend in which agency had been the most popular over the past year. The size of the win was no surprise either. Some agencies gain momentum like a sports team and just roll over the others. MTLGFE did it no long ago, and so have others.

    Of course the "HOT AGENCY" has a large following and both the agency and it`s most frequent clients will campaign to members for the agency. That`s also happened year to year and it`s a natural situation.

    I have no doubt the parties have a significant influence in two ways. In the first, they are huge events that are head-spinning (no pun intended) with all the beautiful ladies there, and create a sort of aura about the agency and a fellowship camaraderie among the guests. Obviously this motivates members to be more likely voters and more loyal ones. Secondly, there are thousands of board members and only a very small percentage that can attend. Just as members have voted for their favorite ladies in GFE polls to stay in their good graces while worried about the impact of not doing so, no doubt some of that concern transfers to agency polls.

    Lastly, a lot of clients like Mike. That has to be largely for how he handles the business, and so the inevitable results.

    The only surprise was how fast Wildtimes has come up. Jessy of MSC has always been someone who knows how to deal with and relate to clients, and has always run a strong business model. But Wildtimes was new, and made a good show in a year where the GG train was too strong.

    I thought the 3-point system was pretty good. IF IF IF...I ever do this again, it will be multiple choice. I`ve heard from some who would have voted equally for two or three agencies if they had the option...though the overall outcome would have been very similar. Some agencies will almost always just own the year.



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    Re Goodgirls:
    1) Lots of women available every night
    2) Their SPs are relatively young (early to mid twenties is not only my preference)
    3) Almost all of their SPs are very attractive
    4 Their pictures and descriptions are accurate
    5) Their SPs really do fulfil all the requirements of GFE
    6) Reliable booking and helpful bookers

    I take anonymous internet surveys lightly. (We can all thank Merlot for his attempt to weed out the shills.) However, I think that Goodgirls' win was well deserved as the other agencies are wanting in at least one of the above.

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