This one will claim to be a "" well known "" board member in order to provide you with grief .

Tall of the tape :
Via Texting on March 19th he wanted to book in advance both Katie & Leah and asked for the location.
We provided him with some of the basics and asked him to call.
He called not all only once or twice but four times to ensure his booking with Leah Monday morning was confirmed.
On Monday morning our fake friend called in to be provided with the location and 5m before is scheduled
appointment he sent us a text saying that he was in the Lobby ready to go up !!! However and once the room number was given to him ...
Well guess what ... no show ... He was never there.

Description :
Will send a lot of text and he's got a deep French Canadian accent. Carroll would speculate the he has minimal English to his background.
The phone number ( 514-***-6422 )