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Thread: GOLF. All things GOLF. FORE play... So to speak

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    GOLF. All things GOLF. FORE play... So to speak

    The topic of GOLF came up in another thread so it sounds like there is a need for a thread on this topic, especially with the weather improving.

    I don't actually golf, but I did see these pics that inspired me to TEE OFF a thread about ANYTHING GOLF.

    BTW - Is GOLF really a sport? Or a skill? I mean isn't similar to BOWLING?

    What do think?

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    I never played real golf, but I did archery when I was a kid. There's actually of lot of similarity between the two.

    It doesn't take a lot of strength to hit one ball or shoot one arrow, but to do it very consistently for hours you need to be in good shape. It's not a rough sport, so you can practice it quite old, but it's still a sport in my book. Like fishing, I guess calling it a sport depends a what level you are playing and how seriously you invest emotionally in it.

    Paulina looks quite good. Better than her facebook pictures from a while ago.
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