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Thread: Anyone tried Delight

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    Anyone tried Delight

    Tried to find reviews on Delight Escort and could only posts from the agency. Anyone can tell me whether they offer good service?

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    Yes, they're legit and good. The same ppl that run XXXtase also run Delight. I've had nothing but good experiences with them.

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    I agree as well

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    Decent girls, but a very small roster. On many days, only 1-2 girls are working. Some are very good, some are so-so. My personal favorites are Virginia and Victoria (i like girls names that start with V's). They are the sister agency of XXXtase. Generally, my preference are the girls on the XXXtase roster, but it probably is due to the fact they have much more girls on their roster than Delight's.

    All of the bookers (in my opinion) are very competent and personable, which is a plus for me. I enjoy speaking to friendly bookers who'll go out of their way (it seems) to accomodate me and make me feel special, which is what a top booker should be all about. You want the customer to keep on calling your agency first, after all.

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    I have had positive experience with Delight as well, and XXXtase. Both well run agencies and both have accommodated me a few times, in terms of appointments as well as special requests. In addition, I have been happy with girls ( some amazing, some above avg ).

    Just my 2 cents.


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    I have had a very bad experience with exxtase
    booked Felicia got roughed up by by client
    sent me Roxanne bad news smelled like hasn't washed in a week
    after 15 minutes called booker told me pay her what you want
    cost me 100.00
    should have given me a free escort

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