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    PowerFlex Gym

    Hi everyone,

    After reading the thread on ProGym, I thought about posting a thread about the gym I'm going to (PowerFlex Gym, on Marcel-Laurin, near Cote-Vertu).

    I was wondering if anyone of you knows if there are girls (dancers or escorts) that do work out there ? There are a lot of pretty girls (like any other gym), and I'm pretty sure that some of them are into this business as they always dress very sexy when they come in. If anybody is aware of some girls, please let me know (or PM me) as I am more than willing to have a date with them.

    Thanks for the help and long life to this board


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    Yes that's the one I'm talking about. Unfortunately, no one seems to know any girl there that is providing services... Sad because like I said there are so many nice women in this gym, and there is a Motel St-Pierre right at 2 minutes from there. If any SP work out there, I will have a date in that Motel with them right away...


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