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Thread: Massage by blind masseuse

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    Massage by blind masseuse

    Thought I'd throw this out there. Been wondering what it must feel like to receive a massage from a blind masseuse? Always open for a new experience....I welcome your recommendations. Thanks in advance!


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    I have never experienced a blind masseuse however I have experienced (on my request) a totally blacked out room where you can't see your hand an inch from your nose. I have been both the giver and receiver in this situation. I do enjoy this type of session ever once and a while. It allows the other senses to take over a bit. You eyes never need to be closed because they give you no feedback. The biggest problem is remembering where you placed the oil the last time you used it. *S

    PS I have done this where we never see each other until after the session.

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    Thanks for feedback....would you know of a female therapist that offers such an experience in the greater Montreal area?

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    I would really like a session with a provider that can give a legitimate deep tissue massage for 30 minutes to and hour followed by great sex. The only place I have found this was in Thailand and China. She wouldn't have to be that great looking. I would like to have her start on my back and hamstrings and I fall asleep and turn me over and then after my arms hang her tits in my face and do my chest and finally get sexual after teasing me. I cannot get this done. It is either a legit massage or a provider that does sex. Never both.

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