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Thread: Earl morral of the dolphins perfect season passes

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    Earl morral of the dolphins perfect season passes

    Earl Morrall, formally of the Miami Dolphins, was a major factor in of their 1972 perfect season. Being on the 30 yard line for the entire season and once watching that 42 year old man run down the field catching the other team totally by surprise (because they thought he'd never do it..LOL) is probably my happiest and most enduring memory of childhood. So I was saddened today when I heard of his passing, but then I thought of his fabulous life and was happy again:

    So one more time from me, "YOU GO GET'EM EARL!!!"

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    I remember Earl Morrall extremely well. I was a Colts fan as a very young kid, before the Patriots drafted Jim Plunkett in 1971. Morrall is better known for his career year and critical role in 1968, for which he became the MVP, leading the Colts to a 13-1 season because of a Johnny Unitas injury only to lose in Super Bowl III in the luckiest chance game in NFL playoff history. Unitas came in late in the game to score the only Colts touchdown when Morrall was ineffective. In a reversal of roles in Super Bowl V, Morrall came in to relieve an injured Unitas and lead the team to a Super Bowl victory against Dallas. Morrall was one of the best backups ever seen in the NFL, after having a decent career in own right. I'll remember him fondly as a great childhood sports hero.

    God Bless Earl,


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