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Thread: Spare bedroom as massage room

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    Spare bedroom as massage room

    I'm considering setting up a spare bedroom in my bachelor's pad -- as a massage room with a table etc... Two women friends who do massage (one standard, one erotic) are saying yes please do it. Plus, I want to learn to give intense pleasure to women with massage, so there's a second use. The erotic masseuse says she's willing to visit my place, instead of me visiting her parlor, a much better deal for both of us. As well, she could do much better financially shifting a few of her regulars massages to "my place", as she has a few she's comfortable diverting this way, so I could barter her price down for my massages, or have her share the costs.

    Does this sound like trouble? Or, a good idea? My main concern is getting money into a nice table and then not using this room so much. Not sure what resale is like on tables. Maybe it's best to buy used. (Though I'd like a really nice table.)

    Good idea? Interested in sharing notes? What's a good table? Should I have a floor mattress too? How crazy could it get? Is there a market for temporary, short-term room rentals?

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    Try to find a used one on craigslist or kijiji.

    Might be trouble not with ther girl but more her clients as you have no idea what kind of people they are.
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