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Thread: Hurricane Katrina, I Wonder IF...

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    Hurricane Katrina, I Wonder IF...

    If anyone has turned on a TV, radio or read a paper they have heard the name Katrina in the news. New Orleans is 80% under water and rising, there are now 30,000 people in the Superdome and the water is rising around it. They can't get the people out of town, let alone out of the Dome. There are human bodies floating through the streets, over a million homes without power and this is just Louisiana. It is said to be worse in southern Mississippi. it goes on and on...

    It will be interesting to see if calls from other countries will be coming in to offer assistance.

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    The answer is yes hydro quebec will send people south like they always do expert from europe are cominr to take a look at the oil rig stuck under the bridge They will get help down there but right now even the red cross cant get into New Orleans

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    I bet Iraq ain't sending no one..

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