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Thread: My neighbour beats his GF, but I'm no superhero.

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    Exclamation My neighbour beats his GF, but I'm no superhero.

    I have heard rumours about this for some time... now it's pretty well confirmed. My upstairs neighbour beats the crap out of his girlfriend. I never see any physical signs on her face, even if I don't see her too often, but that does not mean much. I know he knocks her down to the floor a lot. Ohter than that he is verbally abusive.

    A little background... the guy is pretty big, Ving Rhames comes to mind... ok, maybe not that big, but big enough. His girlfriend is a thin knockout of an Asian girl, submissive, I imagine. She looks it anyway, submissive, that is.

    Now, I'm not one to keep quiet about such things... I imagine calling the police is one thing. If I do, I think he can find out it's me. I have nothing against the guy... if anything, he needs help. There's always the superhero idea of going up there and talking to him, but that could turn ugly real quick. If I'm going to get into a fight with someone, it's going to be to defend my life, but I won't willingly start trouble.

    Although he is probably much stronger than me physically, I know my rage (contained, of course) would overpower him. Of course, there is also his pitbull to contend with... no match for my Rottie though, even if she has little pink hearts on her collar.

    Seriously though, no machismo or posturing here... I don't think I would do any of the above unless I actually saw him hit her, which of course won't happen as such events unsually transpire behind closed doors.

    Any advice? And don't tell me to leave it alone... I know it's not really my business, but something has to be done, and I know everyone else in this building is too chicken to act.
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    You should be asking the cops. They could investigate a disturbence and make their own judgment or they could suggest another course of action. Bottom line, you won't know until you ask.

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    Call the cops next time there is a "domestic disturbance", they will not let him know who called them. Do not play hero, but not helping her is not good either. Silence is acceptance. This guy needs to learn that his behaviour is not acceptable.

    They will forget what you said,
    they will forget what you did,
    but they will never forget the way you made them feel.

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    Thank You

    I had a similar situation that hit a little closer to home about a year and a half ago. I asked my dental hygienist out... she gave me her number. Within a week or two (we never got to go out on a date, and I'm shortening this somewhat) she hung up on me in the middle of a conversation. She had mentioned her ex was still coming around even if she didn't like it.

    Well, it turns out she told him about me and he beat the crap out of her. She said he would break into her house whenever she felt like it. The same guy who watched her clear the snow when she was sick as a dog... he was basically a leech. Anyway, I still don't know if she made up the story or not, but I did call the police and they told me that unless she complained, there was nothing for them to do, and since I didn't live next door to her, I couldn't possibly call in a domestic disturbance. I gave the police her number and left it in their hands. I remember talking to her and telling her "you know, once a victim, always a victim..." her reply? "Yes, I know. I have a problem with that."

    The point is, you can't help someone who won't take the help. But my contact with her was much closer. This situation is different and I will keep my ears open. If I hear signs of abuse I will definitely call the police. My other stupidass neighbours would rather let it happen. But then it's the same with everything else, they don't take a stand on anything. I'm one of the few who faces up to the landlord too, they are too afraid...

    Thanks for the advice. I will keep you posted. In fact, maybe I should call the police anyway, to see if there have been any other calls. They may not tell me, but I'll try.
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    Do it

    I agree with all others that posted here. Calling the cops is a must. If you do nothing, you accept it. Even if the first time, the cops only talk to him (absence of proff or whatever), at least it will be on record that there was a disturbance. They can also build a file that way.

    Guys who hit their GF or wives (or any women) should have their balls cut off. Like Nike says ; "Just do it" !!!

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    Hey Woodworker. You are right. You cannot help those who do not want to be helped. You should still try though.

    You can still sleep at night knowing that you tried.

    Things like this really show you that life really is the journey and not the destination.

    Thanks for stepping up.

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    Angry Go Bronson on him if you have too.

    Keep calling the Police until they do something about it. Get a tape recorder and record the noise when he beats her and play it for them. Let them do their job.

    IF, AND ONLY IF, HE CONFRONTS YOU VIOLENTLY(as in charges at you while threatening harm i.e. "I'm gonna kill you") don't bother to fight him, shoot him, just make sure he is facing towards you and close enough to claim you were in fear for your life from a known batterer of women, you'll be doing the victim and the world a favor. Of course that means you'll have to get a permit to carry concealed and I'm not sure where you live. If your in Canada tough luck if your in the US you can get a permit in most states(if you would like details on how to, Pm me), just pay attention at the safety classes and learn how to use the weapon properly so you don't shoot your neighbor down the hall. This option isn't for everyone.

    I know that probably sounds weird coming from me seeing as I have put myself forth as a peace loving, violence only as a last resort, kind of guy, but a man who beats women or children doesn't deserve to breathe. No one should ever be required to be a victim, the police can't be everywhere at all times to protect us. Most police chiefs across the US encourage private ownership of firearms as long as proper training is given in the use and storage of said weapons. I'm sure some people will disagree with me but its just my opinion and Woodworker did ask.
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    Yes, Honestly.

    Quote Originally Posted by SMACK APPEAL
    Shoot Him?..Hell I don't think Woodworker wants to get that involved..Its not so easy to actually kill someone, unless your a deranged lunatic..but in Canada, if you kill someone and you have any kind of reasonable, some what acceptable or sensible don't go to jail..actually there is a lot of illegal stuff you can get away with in canada..

    Hi SA,

    I'll assume you aren't saying I'm a deranged lunatic. I specifically said "IF AND ONLY IF HE CONFRONTS YOU VIOLENTLY" that killing him would be acceptable. Woodworker sounds like the kind of guy who is really bothered by what he is experiencing and even mentioned his own "rage" about the matter in his original post. Who knows what he is capable of doing until placed in an actual situation. This is just my opinion, Woodworker can decide for himself. Maybe he would rather beat the guy to a pulp with his bare hands. I can understand that desire too. I personally, would rather dispatch him for good than beat him down only to have him sneak up on me later and hit me over the head, stick a knife in me, or shoot me. Beating a woman or a child means you are capable of almost any atrocity, people like that belong in prison or six feet under.

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    I dont think Woodworker is getting the right advices here ...killing someone?, I mean, yes you are right guys that beat down women and kids deserve the worst, and if he reacts violent against Woodworker then it will be self defense, BUT there is the matter of conscience ... killing someone is not something than you can simply forget ...

    I say just tape record the noises, call the police and let them do their job. Its good that you want to get involved, but unless you see these incidents happen in front of you dont get too involved... you can just break into the guys appartment and punch him down as then YOU can go to jail for breaking into private property and assault ....

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    On ne choisit pas d'être victime de violence. C'est un cercle vicueux dont certaines femmes présentes de la diffuculté en s'en sortir surtout suite à un lavage de cerveau de la part de l'abuseur. Qui pour ceux qui sont à l'extérierur de cette situation semble être incohérent surtout lorsque cette femme retourne auprès de l'abuseur...Il s'agit de long cheminement de sa part.

    L'une des caractéristques des hommes violents vis-à-vis des femmes & enfants est celle de leur peur...auprès des autres hommes !! Ils vont faire une parade de "coq" auprès de leurs copains...mais de la à se battre avec un autre...non. Est-ce l'une des raisons qu'ils se jettent sur leurs conjointes et ceux-ci ne peuvent répliquer. Soi sans crainte.

    Mais si je serai à ta place, la prochaine fois qu'il l'a bat, je t'en supplie d'appeler la police. Arrivée sur les lieux, même si elle refuse de porter plainte contre son conjoint, la police se trouve à être dans l'obligation de porter plainte contre lui. Pcq avant, trop de femme n'osaient porter plainte contre leur mari suite à une peur bleue de lui. Bref, une fois la plainte déposée, elle n'a aucun pouvoir de la retirer.

    La police, dans certains cas, n'a aucun droit de divulgué d'où vient l'appel de "dénonciation" elle le fait elle se retrouve littérallement dans le trouble.
    Jamais ton nom ne sera mentionné. Elle peu tout simplement dire qu'un voisin a appelé s'il y a plusieurs voisins..

    Et toi tu auras la conscience tranquille.

    Et donne nous des nouvelles.

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    What the [email protected]#$k

    Hey stop all this. Give me this bastard address and I will go tell him a few word and show him what it is to be beaten. Then I will call the cop myself to get rid of this piece of shit.

    Do you want a Journal de Montreal front page with another woman beat to depth. There is nothing you can do to help this guy...he is a lost cause. You can help him all you want, he will come back or find another lady to molest.

    The only thing the society could do to prevent these men to repeat their act is to have a tatoo on their forehead with the word: Women beater. This way, no other women will date him or leave with him ever.

    Give me the coordinates of this guy.

    Anyone that want to join me you are welcome

    [email protected]#$$%#%^$%&%^*[email protected]#$%@#

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    Alors toléranze zéro les femmes, c'est pour quand? Ce serait le plus beau cadeau qu'on pourrait se faire non?

    Je ne sais quand...probable...une fois

    Quand la societé clamera haut et fort que cela est intolérable et inacceptabe, quand la justice arrêtera de donner des art. 810 aux hommes abuseurs...mais plutot les mettre en prison "pronto". Quand les outils pour aider ces femmes seront d'ordre publique...quand l'école brisera le quand tes voisins agiront sans se poser des questions, quand ceci deviendra un réflexe spontanné.

    Là, seulement à ce moment précis..peut-être qu'une lumière viendra au bout de ce long tunnel...


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    la loi du bon samaritain..

    Tu as raison quiquonque se trouve devant une situation ou une personne raisonnable aura réagie afin de sauver une vie se trouvrera poursuivie. Mai sà jurisprudence apporte certaine nuance..

    Aussi, aux USA, une jurisprudence de ce type à eue lieu. À New-York, je crois sous réserve, une femme à était tuée sous les yeux des locatairs d'immeubles qui n'ont rien fait. Même pas un seul appel à la police. Nenni.

    Le procureure de l'État à poursuivi tout les gens témoins de cette triste histoire.

    Cette femme criait au secours, tapait au portes pour de l'aide criait qu'il allait la tuée... Personne n'a réagit...est-ce ainsi que ce procureur lui à répondu en les poursuivants..l

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    La jurisprudence canadienne s'inspire des pays membres du il y aura de ces la pression sera grande...

    Cet exemple vrai, je l'ai mentionnée seulement pour illustrer la bêtise rien d'autre.

    Une victime de cette violence, qu'elle soit chinoise, qu'elle provienne de l'Afghanistan, de l'Afrique du Sud, ou peu importe quelle soit de Tombouctou, on sont fout royalement.

    C'est une victime de trop. Aucune préférence de nationalité.

    Mais ici c'est est un autre débat...qui est le même : les droits de L'Homme.

    Sans rancune,

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    Quote Originally Posted by HonestAbe
    don't bother to fight him, shoot him, just make sure he is facing towards you and close enough to claim you were in fear for your life
    You're a great guy Abe but to get a gun for us is a lot harder than you think. Besides, we barely know how to use it, much more where to buy it, and to get a permit is worse than passing your driver's license. I know you all carry guns like you carry your wallet, but we have none of those.
    I've been there and done that.
    As to resolve this problem, simply call the cops. Better yet walk to the station and make a report. Say that it is not happening now, but whoever will be working that evening, warn them that you will call the station to report.
    If he beats her up that night simply say that you passed by the station already about this matter and that they should check upstairs for the disturbance.
    If he comes and see you, play innocent. Say you never called and as a matter of fact if you cross the guy, simply ask him: "Hey, there were cops coming the other night, you know what happened?".
    A big guy needs confrontation when he is confronted. Plus, in this case, he wouldn't beat you, simply because men who beat women are weak. They don't need to confront strangers or people who will report him or that he cannot win over. Simply as that.
    Good luck buddy, we're here behind you and support you.
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