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Thread: Why is there NO quality girls on the south shore

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    Why is there NO quality girls on the south shore

    I moved here 1 year ago and i still am looking for quality,,,saw only one that is ok but damn she is not available alot or always late...anyone knows a gem ? or any agencies looking to branch out ,,,south shore needs help

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    I do agree !! If you find out let me know !

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    the only one so far is olivia you can sometimes find in chambly on me she is a good girl but getting to know her more and i feel its now too much..i need new ..she is awsome but not amylee type or ginger .....i also find that alot from the shore have a bad rep and or poor quality service if i read all the reviews i am often dissapointed and dont call,,,ex: pamela milf looks nice but bad far as others like atraxxion i just dont trust them at labadie been told is not real discret place and the girls if been told offer FS only if you book with them directly...again trust issues there for me......still looking i miss star so much........also what i dont get is why do girls all work in laval or terrebonne....back in the days it was all south shore.....

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    I live on the South Shore and when I moved here a few years ago, I have to agree, the girls advertising on the South Shore looked "dubious" at best.
    Luckily my favorite SP moved her incall location from the East End to "The Shore" and now I`m a much happier camper.

    Thank you Maria Divina.

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    First of all... I am very proud to say that this is my very first time adding my opinion on Merb!

    My main Incall location is in Longueuil, and I've done Incalls in Montreal also.

    I must say that I do get alot of callers from Montreal telling me that they would really like to do Incall and spend some quality time with me, but...

    And I quote:
    - "South Shore is too far"
    - "Traffic to get back on Island is terrible"
    - "I don't know South Shore very well. I might get lost"
    - "I use public transport... Are you close from Longueuil Metro?"
    - "Those [email protected]!king bridges! And that tunnel!"

    With the previous quotes...
    Could it be possible that girls choose not to work on South Shore because they do, in fact, make less money, or are scared of not making money?
    I think so.

    From my personal experience, business IS better in Montreal.
    Maybe because there's more people, more tourists, more people with less obligations, better public transport, or simply just more "Nasty Freaks"

    Some girls probably don't think it's worth taking the time to establish their reputation and clientele in an area when the money isn't coming in fast.

    Regarding the "NO Quality Girls on the South Shore" opinion...
    Well, it all depends what you consider quality.
    Is it the girl's physical appearance, her attitude, the services she offers, her rates, or her reputation, etc...?
    Only you know!
    To each their own meaning of quality!!!

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    I find going to the south shore much easier, anytime before 3:00pm is not a problem.

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    Look behind you.
    The south shore has some incall in apartments which I tried but do not like the 2 or 3 bedroom places with someone else in the next bedroom and 1 washroom, tried it and did not like it.
    Personally I found 2 SP's I like on the SS 1 indy and 1 agency both out of the Econolodge. Going to the SS saves me 45 min travel time compared to Montreal island plus easier parking.
    There is sex bomb Jenny which I never seem to match times up with.

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    Ya, Olivia in Chambly is probably the best on the south shore... she is a solid ride...

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    I don't know why.. but i have tried to recruit for a new place over there but all the girls who applied were on substance... maybe was just bad luck.. but i'm pretty there is some pearl over there...

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    Can't say for everybody but personally i wouldn't even consider going out of MTL downtown for client. No matter if the SP seem super hot. To me this is where its happening. Now to the south shore clients, some agencies do go to laval or longueil or South Shore, but everytime somebody call from there its a pain in the ass to manage with the driver and other girls in car. I had to refuse calls for the south shore when i was booking on some nights because it was too hard to coordinate calls with drivers and such.

    I understand some guys may find it more fun to call to there home, the ones who don't care about discretion, it saves them the hotel room, and they have everything on hand(wine, glasses, candles, music etc) or even the ones who do prefer using a motel or an incall, its closer to there home, but i guess the money is indeed better for the SP in MTL, and such.

    And I quote:
    - "South Shore is too far"
    - "Traffic to get back on Island is terrible"
    - "I don't know South Shore very well. I might get lost"
    - "I use public transport... Are you close from Longueuil Metro?"
    - "Those [email protected]!king bridges! And that tunnel!"
    I do understand those quotes, myself would i message an SP and she would say the meeting as to be there, in or out, i would say sorry "its too far". Unless it would like 2 mins from the metro/subway and extremely easy to reach, but even there im not sure i would bother to travel that far... when there is so much hot girls in the downtown part.
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