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Thread: Restaurant pick-ups

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    Question Restaurant pick-ups

    Hi, looking for restaurant that have SW to pick up...

    The other they I was at 1650 Belanger, talking to Oceane, and she was telling me that there are a quite a few restaurants in Mtl with the pick-up concept...

    She was explaining to me how 1650 works ( she is beautifull, but too many limitations ), and I was trying to act suprised, since I knew already about the bar, but the information about the restaurants was new to me...

    She did'nt want to name any of them, but would love to try some...

    Does anyone has any info on this...

    Thanks !!!

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    Question Looking for restaurants with SP

    Thanks Dee, I had already seen this thread, not looking for bars, but restaurants with SP...

    Anyone has some info on this ???

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