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Thread: SP/ Erotic Massage biz in Montreal - Predictions.

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    SP/ Erotic Massage biz in Montreal - Predictions.

    IMHO the mayor is a show off mayor, and will do things to make political points with the public. He tells people that he is fighting with the federal government so that there will be no tolls on the new bridge to the south shore, pure BS. He also announced when he was first elected that there were too many massage places in Montreal. This is also for political points and a way to make extra revenue for the city. My guess is that he will soon regulate erotic massage parlors to have $5000 permits and the girls registered @ $500 a pop just like in other jurisdictions like Toronto. There will be police crack downs, but that will be just a warning for people to conform to the new laws and regulations. The cops will do a little more than previously, but not a lot more because they will have to match or better annual arrest stats for the previous year.

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    Last night on the news, the bag of wind mayor that we have was taking advantage of the situation about the spikes they put up at the Archambault store to stop bums from sleeping in front of the store. You can bet that he will also take advantage of the Bill C-36 to make political points. Nothing will happen till the law passes, the first arrest will cause a shock wave in the hobby community amongst the SPs and SP service consumers. Probably the only game in town will be massage. The erotic massage places will be watched very carefully so there will not be any extras there. Even the straight massage with relaxation will be careful, you will probably only get a massage for your little friend if you know the masseuse.
    So hedge your bets, get to know a few masseuses now, before the shit hits the fan.

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    Lily from Montreal
    I was thinking along the same line but of course from the sp point of view,maybe sp will be more reluctant to meet new gentlemen if this law is accepted? There is safety in known entities?

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    If you saw the interview with mayor Coderre about the anti-homeless spikes in front of stores, he way angrily denouncing the use of these devices and was yelling that he does not want to live in a society that uses these devices. This guy will jump on the law and order band wagon use it to make political points. When his new laws and regulation come down on the erotic massage and sex trade it will be big changes.

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