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Thread: Privacy Issues - Learning Experience

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    Privacy Issues - Learning Experience

    Hi all - public service announcement...

    I am a very occasional poster, but I came across a serious breach of privacy recently that is a learning experience for us all. It was the result of an innocent mistake, but is probably worth sharing (Mods - I hope this is OK, drop me a line if there is a problem). I wasn't sure whether to post, but eventually decided that this is worth sharing.

    I well known escort recently sent out a round-robin email out to all her clients. Unfortunately she used the wrong email settings and all her clients were copied in the email. Obviously some used email aliases, but others used their real names and emails. But some identities were revealed. The escort in question confirmed to me that this was a very innocent mistake... but that wont solve the problem.

    I strongly recommend that you use an alias email in your communications. Even if an SP is very professional and takes confidentiality seriously, mistakes can still happen.

    The escort in question can remain nameless. Naming her serves no purpose, and I'm 100% sure she won't make the same mistake twice!

    Stay Safe


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    It goes the other way around too... girls join a website using their one and only mail, which contains their real info btw, and soon enough this site in question steals their e-mail password and spams all of their contacts to join the site.

    " HEY! MR Potato Head, Your very good friend [*inserts real girl name here*] has joined our site, You too can join and have a be very good time."

    Facebook, used to do this. And many others too that I cannot longer remember their name.

    Of course I would tell them about it, and they would be denying sheepishly : "that is not my real name..!! "

    "...Whatever! just change your account and password, better yet, make one for your family and friends and one for your customers."

    But yeah, limit the damage. Have several accounts, real and fake ones. And use them for different purposes. And specially when sending same mail to multiple people Always use bcc: field. You would think that this field should be the default but it isn't. Worst it is sometimes hidden from view unless you toggle some button.

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    Lily from Montreal
    I have four real life emails and three funlife one's...

    I am always surprise and scold my potential date when I receive email using company logo's and all of their realife info (!) ,some sends me their Link'd profile (!) ,don't ...I do not want to know where you work,I like to know what you do for a living but only so I can share my funny stories related to that field, I am a nice and honest lady so your info is safe with me but ,really?

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