Are all lucky numbers for me!
Ironically, the sum of these four numbers is also a favorable number.

If you put the first two numbers together and multiply them by three,
the total becomes a smoking hot and propetious number for both of us which also represents
my last two individual auspicious numbers...

Sex is like math
You subtract the inhibitions, concerns and clothes
Add sensuality, intimacy, passion and eroticism
Divide the soul, legs and lips
Add delicate lingerie, heels, candles and music
Multiply the pleasure with hands, fingers and tongues
Exponentiate touches, licks and thrusts

The total of the equation?
Find out for yourself!

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To engage in an unrushed sensual experience filled with laughter, conversation, cuddles, passionate fiery intimacy
and delightful sexiness, please contact me via email to arrange our erotic tryst:
[email protected]
Subject: An exclusive date with Gabriella in Montreal
Minimum of 24 to 48 hours notice required. Thank you.

If we haven't already had the pleasure of meeting, please
include the following in your email introduction:

A little bit about yourself
Your name and phone number
Day, time and duration for our rendez-vous
A reference from another independent companion
--if you do not have a reference, please inform me and I will gladly offer you alternatives--

Gentlemen, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Your sweet, bubbly and fiery redhead lover,

Gabriella xox

Distinctive donation available until July 31st

Dinner by dim, flickering candle light and a sensual, private night cap
5 hours (about half and half) $1100
Together, let’s get lost in time, in the dusk of the night
12 to 15 hours - overnight $2250
Sweet dreams we'll have until we awake for more...