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Thread: anyone own a new bmw --> how is idrive in 2014? + q/a on touch screen

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    anyone own a new bmw --> how is idrive in 2014? + q/a on touch screen

    Hello down anyone own a new BMW? 1. Is iDrive any better now than it was a couple of years ago? 2. Is is touch screen now? 3. Any easier to operate?

    SAut est-ce qu'il y a , quelqu'un qui est la proprietaire d'un BMW?

    1. Est-ce que l'iDrive infotainment systeme est amilore maintenant en 2014, comparer aux anciens generation d'iDrive?
    2. Est-ce qu'il y a une ecran touch?
    3. Est-ce que c'est plus facile a operer?

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    I own a new BMW 328 xdrive. The idrive is better and more user friendly to operate. However, there is no touch screen. My recommendation for a new BMW, is to visit BMW Laval. The 2015 models are arriving soon.

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    I have a 2014 335 & a 2011 535.

    Biggest difference with iDrive is the new color scheme & round iDrive controller now has a scratch pad that you can use finger gestures to write on. I definitely like it a lot better.

    Hope this helps.

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    I have two 2014 BMW's. iDrive in each of them is different, so for details you need to specify which model.

    iDrive was not at all difficult to operate in my 2010 cars, so although some aspects are different I can't really say it's that different.

    BMW will likely never use touchscreens, for very good reasons.

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    The iDrive is a lot better but I'd wait for the 2015 models. The I-4 turbo dive surprisingly well -- fun to drive almost. But I prefer the V8; it's hard to go back once you've owned a BMW V8. Now I'm thinking of upgrading to the Porsche -- mid-life crisis

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