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    Unhappy New website ....

    Bonjour, récemment le site a été modifié de sorte que les gens non inscrit est accès à toutes les reviews de merb...... je ne sais pas pour vous mais n'est-ce pas un manque pour la vie privé des filles et clients, avec toutes les descriptions qui se font d'elles sur ce site, taille, poids, tatous, etc... les demoiselles n'ont pratiquement plus qu'a montrer leur visage...

    Serait-ce possible de le remettre privé comme autrefois?


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    laila, the board was open since it opened in 2003. It was closed to guests for a very short time, but the admins came to their senses and decided to reopen the board to guests, which make up a majority of visitors. You don't have to be a brain scientist to register on merb if it was a closed private board. Some sections are still private however. Hopefully that will change.

    No girls personal information was ever revealed because of this board, some members are idiots, but the board is fine.


    If the board goes private it will give more reason to start my own review board which will be very much open for all. Get my point?

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    Well i know sometimes details are very discribed how many time have you heard that a girl who have been recognized changed her name for an other or used fake pics or ....

    i wont tell the name but one of my girls told me that their is some customers who compares the girls ''in private'' with the escort by telling them this one's real name is ... and she's doing ..... in her real life... and Oh can you believe that this girl ''xxx'' is working in that kind of industry...

    well he told her at least about 5 girls in the same sessions... what i said was... sometimes we share a lot about the girls here ... shouldn't we keep the board only open to members for the incall / outcall review??

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    Quote Originally Posted by C36 View Post
    It was closed to guests for a very short time
    Wrong. It was like this for at least a couple years. Also, it looks like the admin did not come to their sense because terb's review are still members only. I personally prefer it to be members only. They are indeed a bit less susceptible to be accessed by kids.

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