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Thread: Incall Agency That Operates Like a Club or Lounge

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    Incall Agency That Operates Like a Club or Lounge

    I am wishing for an incall agency that operates like a club or lounge, you know like you see in the movies...

    If such a fs incall agency existed it would be very popular.

    If such a fs incall agency existed it would be a favorite to many johns because like the fulfillment of adventure that we get from stripclubs where you can take the time (while spending money on drinks) to review the staff.

    Yes a girls "looks" are the number one factor when a john makes his choice, but a girls charm, personality, sexual persona (or lack of) are really much more import to most guys.

    It is just that these more important things are only important if we are physically attracted to the girl.

    Comparably it is much easier to gain the interest of clients via a picture then it is to convey a girls personality and charm (or lack of), so the choice making element that I have said to be much more important never gets to be part of the Johns choice makes options.

    Imagine if you found a place that you could go to and make your choice based on a girls charm or lack of charm, not just her physical appearance.

    Every John has too many bad story's of wasted time and wasted money that most often came about because he had to trust that the pictured physical appearance was enough to make a choice but sadly the girl turned out to be a bitch or a dingbat or too scared or too inhibited or not interested, or whatever.

    This is why I think an incall agency that operated like a club or a lounge would be a huge success.

    For such a place to exist it may need to charge a membership fee and or a cover charge to be able to function or to ward off free-loading voyeurs who would come to fill up space with-out spending money.

    I know the laws are more troublesome for incall operations but I am still wondering what the possibility is for such a place to exist if not now maybe in some not to distant future.

    I know that a few very high end lounges have existed in NYC and I used to be a member of some private clubs like this NYC myself and I can say that nothing fulfilled the monger in me more then these places.

    Unfortunately they are now gone. When they return I will be living life to the fullest once again.

    Thoughts and comments?

    "if god created anything greater then woman... he must have kept it to himself"


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    A lot of the strip clubs outside of Montreal/Laval/QC offer F/S but having sex in a booth is not my cuppa. Your best bet would probably to shop at such joints and then arrange alternate arrangements with the ladies for an afterwork nightcap (Ye might also have some luck with Laval chicas on that front although Laval places do not offer F/S).

    Some incall places, like 5 etoiles (which has had a lot of bad reviews), the previous incarnation of Pussycat and also Massage plus do or did offer a choice of ladies before moving on although the club part was missing.

    What you are referring too is a place a la Nevada or like in Henry & June (movie rocked), essentially a bordello. Such a place would get shut down so in Montreal it would not be funny. There are a couple of cases of Swinging clubs before the Supreme Court at this point and the Bawdy house laws will thus be reviewed at that level in the near future.

    Another factor is price: at a lot of incall places, the girls sees as many johns as possible to maximize revenue becoming essentiall McWhores. If the lady has to spend X amount of time schmoozing clients, odds are the conversation will consist of a Parisian "would your like to buy me a glass of champagne?" and end up costing you 30Euros.


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