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Thread: UFC 178, Finally a fight worth watching

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    UFC 178, Finally a fight worth watching

    Not much of a "fight fan" per se but stumbled across this video and watched a few others interviewing Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier and finally some personalities in the UFC lately. Should be a good one on Sept 27th

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    Jones threatens to kill Cormier after altercation

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    Jones also threatens hItler

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    Due to Jones injury in training with Alistair Overeem we will now have to wait until January for this fight.
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    I know that Dana White has said otherwise, but he really should drop Cormier from the ticket and have Gustafsson fight Jones like originally planned. Cormier is great at bringing the drama, but Gustasson will bring the best challenge to Jones in the octagon IMHO.

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    i never get tired of those Hitler videos lol :P
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