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Thread: Apprentice 4, former stripper

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    Yes, I also saw the article on on Wednesday. Thanks for posting it. She will probably get more press in the near future. And I doubt it will be positive.

    At least it seems she was pretty smart with the money she made and invested it and let her money make more money. And after reading the article she is very lucky to be alive. She could have easily been another one of his victims.

    The Apprentice is the only reality show I have ever watched, and only because a friend of mine (woman) was on it. Sorry but I can't say her name but I think she was one of the most beautiful women ever on the show.

    I knew her before she was on the show and it certainly changed her (I think not for the better). She was excited about the glamour in the beginning but didn't realize how "famous" she would become and missed her freedom. She couldn't go to the grocery store without being harassed.

    I do have to admit it was fun to be invited to an exclusive Apprentice party and meet everyone (less Trump).

    I know I personally would not want to give up my privacy for short term fame (however I might consider it for much fortune though).

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    well looks like she's already set up her own website prepared to milk her apprentice "fame".

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