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Thread: whats wrong with CL

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    whats wrong with CL

    why are so many scammers on CL......i have not yet found one signe real girl on that site.......

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    Huh you do need to ask? LOL

    Thing is, those free advertising websites are what they are... free. So a girl can make as many accounts, as many ads as she wants... and when things don't go well, she change her mail/phone number, change her name and it start again... I said it many times, but why do people keep using those kind of website is beyond me.
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    to be honest i use CL for other reasons never used it for fun....because even when you use this CL for things like free stuff to give away get bombarded with scam at first i clicked being interested but man never never comes out that there real....all computer generated stuff....

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