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Thread: Is the typical client a big baby?

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    Is the typical client a big baby?

    In another thread I said that too many Merbites are "insecure babymen." This caused Bookerl to write:

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    ... those guys makes the escort industry flourish,the more girls are making money the happier they are and they then do word of mouth and recruit other cuties in the business and that makes everyone happy the kiddish ones as the mature ones ,
    Which to me sounds like Bookerl thinks that most clients are insecure babymen, or at least that the babymen are the ones who really spend money. I don't know if he's right or wrong, because I haven't met that many clients. But there are a lot of Merb posts that make it easy to believe him.

    If Bookerl is right, then I would guess that the industry doesn't really run on guys' desire to get with with pretty girls and their genitalia. Instead what the guys want is to feel important, and sex with the girls is just an experience that helps them feel that way.

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    Look behind you.
    I found this site to have sex, the posts are an added feature to give the best possible opinion I have on any given topic at any given time.
    I am here to have fun. Some people piss me off, I piss some people off, no one can keep all people happy.
    Enjoy the day, there is another one tomorrow.

    EDIT: Reread the post ( Bad hangover from the Drummondville poutine festival yesterday ).
    I have met a few members and do not think the above applies ( to a point ), there are some that post complete bull shit ( IMO ) but they are easily recognised and just need to ignore the posts. I do not think that an extremely high majority of the people here have sex and post a review to feel good or make themselves feel important. But there are some.

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    Gee Whiz, I think I have written one negative review on an agency girl in Montreal in my 7 years as a Merbite. The girls make me happy and I love to laugh and drink with them and have a good time. I think that goes for the most of us. I recently met about 20 or 30 other Merbites and there wasn't a crybaby in the bunch in my I don't think so.

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    To me, this is cheaper and more productive than trying to meet women in a bar scene... plus it adds variety to my social/ sex life, and agony from the hangover. I'd agree with hungry101 on it.... I enjoy drinking, socializing, laughing, and fooling around with the girls! I don't whine about bad experiences (I've posted about one on MERB, as I felt everyone deserved to know), but I will rave about good ones, and share with the merb community. I'm getting better at my discipline of writing reviews over this past year!

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