Here is an interesting decriminalization piece in a Time Magazine (which was once a major source of news, now if it an entertainment magazine).

Now for the rant. I hate the tendency of U.S. Law Enforcement, fueled by the media, to go after the most prominent names on a client list. There was recently an arrest of an escort agency owner in Alaska, which was once a cool state that openly tolerated brothels. There is a new sheriff in town and they went after this agency and got 800 names of customers and providers. In addition to the escort agency owner, they have charged a local doctor with solicitation. I won't do a link because I think that TER is right in its policy of not allowing such links since it just provides further publicity.

I read about the doctor. He is a common man who worked his way through medical school for a long period of time and went to Alaska at least in part so he can treat the traumatic brain injuries of the many injured soldiers who end up at a treatment facility there. He does a lot more for society than the police officers and prosecutors who are involved in this case. Do they ever think about things like that? Apparently not, they just know that the media is more likely to publicize the case if a prominent person is arrested.

The agency charged market rates and of course there is no evidence of trafficking or coercion since the providers received a large portion.