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Thread: Yankees Now In First Place!

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    Yankees Now In First Place!

    Forget about the "pity the Yankees" thread, at least for today. The Red Sox are staring up at the first place Yankees right now, and fighting for dear life to make the playoffs.

    Watching the Yankees and Red Sox playing tonight, it was obvious to me why the Yankees won their game and the Sox lost theirs.

    The Yankees have Mariano Rivera, and the Red Sox don't. And in these tight, high pressure games, that means a lot.

    What guts shown by RJ tonight!

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    Yankees have the momentum, Red Sox don't. It's starting to look like the Yankees will win the East. It will be very tough for the Red Sox to make the post-season. I predict a dog fight for the wild card with the White Sox and possibly the A's.

    I tip my hat off to the Yankees. I really didn't think they could challenge the Red Sox. However, injuries have hurt both clubs, and the Yankees got luckier.

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