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Thread: Logging out of MERB

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    Logging out of MERB

    When I log out of MERB there is a notice that all cookies are cleared..... Good. When I go on to the MERB site I usually do not log in until I want to comment, when I push reply to post and I have not logged it in brings me to the log in screen and in the middle my user name and password is already there...... If all cookies have been cleared why is my info there.... Not good..

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    You're browser as kept you're username and passwords in memory! Make sure to clean up everything in your browser or navigate in private mode so nothing stay in . Private mode doesn't keep any username or password or history when you close the program .

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    You have to clear the cookies in your browser. And then when you come back to MERB you will need to enter username and password.

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