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Thread: No more Michelle at FKS...

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    Unhappy No more Michelle at FKS...

    We don't see anymore Michelle with them.

    They lost some girls in the last few weeks, as well as some other great girls like Samantha and Bianka who are off for the moment.

    It's sad I wish we don't give them too much problems !

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    I met Michelle in July. She is a very nice lady.....if in fact she has left FKS, I wish her well in whatever she chooses to do.
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    Wait and see before drawing any conclusion...

    I've just met Michelle and I'm in contact with Maude, who has also "disappeared" from the FKS public website, for a planned meeting in a couple of weeks. I'd be very surprized to learn that these 2 ladies have quit FKS or the biz. I know a series of photo shoots of FKS ladies took place recently, it is more probable that these "disappearances" are temporary, only to be replaced soon by updated bios and pics.

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    Go on...

    Go on Etalon and hit her before she dissapears
    Don’t forget to post a review

    Come on you can do it ...


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    She could be gone. Darn. A couple of the FKS girls are getting new pictures, so I don't know why she's the only one who's no longer on the web site.

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    you can still see photos of some formet FKS girls like Melanie and Camille Cavil on the pay site.

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    Yes, Michelle has quite FKS. Giselle told me so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Train
    Why would anyone care ?

    I believe Michelle is gone as all reference ( except perhaps for the hackers such as MCR ) has been removed from the member site.

    Because it's there like Mt. Everest.

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