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Thread: mistakes to avoid when hiring montreal escorts

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    mistakes to avoid when hiring montreal escorts

    After reading the Sweet Montreal Escort bait and switch thread by Jimaleg50 in the Montreal Outcall review section, I decided to do a quick Google search of Montreal Escort Agencies. Jimaleg50 is correct. quite a few agencies pop up that I do not recognize and I have been a regular since ~ 2007. Chloe`s Escorts (Apparently MTGFE still uses this name) is the first agency on the list followed by Sweet Montreal Escorts.

    I came across a blog from a Montreal Indy I have never heard of who calls herself Miss Stephanie. She wrote a nice piece on mistakes to avoid when hiring a Montreal escort. You will notice that she doesn`t care for hobbyists like us that gather on sites like MERB because we share intimate details of our sessions with barely legal escorts. However, there are some good tips and advice from Miss Stephanie.

    mistakes to avoid when hiring montreal escorts
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    By stephanie
    There are two ways of hiring your Montreal escorts. You can use an escort agency or you can hire a Montreal independent escort.

    Montreal escorts agencies

    Escort agencies will have a database of escorts. When you approach them, they will try to match your requirements with the Montreal escorts available at that particular moment. About half of the donation will go to the escort, the rest going to the agency (who is responsible for paying the driver, the receptionist, the advertisement and all other charges related to running the agency). Because of these costs, pressure to be profitable is definitely present at all time. For this reason, agencies will focus on any potential client, even if it means distorting the truth a little (or a lot) about the ladies description. It is in fact short sighted, as a disgruntled client will not contact this agency again… but considering many customers are just transit visitors to the city, and also that most agencies operates using several names and identities, this practice is not about to be stopped.

    Don’t be afraid to decline a lady if she does not correspond to what you’ve asked. Escort agencies count on this discomfort of yours, and to not pose any resistance to this dishonest practice only encourages them to continue.

    Afraid of trouble? Keep in mind that the agencies are a LOT more afraid of authorities and being singled out as trouble makers than you can be. Montreal is a very liberal city, and police officers will not give you problems, as long as you stay away from underage providers, drug users, brothels (including massage parlours) and direct solicitation (such as picking up a street prostitute).

    Also, in the event of disruption in their establishment, an hotel can ban an agency (by spotting their driver’s car or the girls entering the building), which will make future bookings at this location extremely difficult for the agency. Therefore, although they can threat to cause trouble, you can be certain that they won’t, as agencies have more to loose than the client.

    Independent escorts

    Many gentlemen choose to contact an independent escort in Montreal. There are several reasons for this preference. Being independent already display an entrepreneurial side of their personality, which makes them appealing to many. Also, since they are the sole recipient of the donation, they can arrange fewer rendezvous. They are also not obliged or pressured to accept meetings they don’t want to. This increases the chance to meet a quality provider.

    Then, there is the lady’s presentation which will give you an important opportunity to know a little more about who she is as a person and as a provider.

    First, the companion’s website itself : is the website well build? Its content clear and informative? What type of pictures does she offers on her site : are they elegant, professional or vulgar and amateur? It is very easy for any provider to declare herself as being «upscale» and «classy»… but does her website reflect such caracteristics? And how about her communication skills : can she write in a polite and educated manner? Do she only do escorting or does she have other interests? These are exemples on how to guide your choice in order to select the perfect Montreal escort for your desire.

    Review Boards

    The so called «Review boards» are unfortunately not reliable. They began as a great idea, a way for gentlemen to be made aware of scams perpetrated within the industry, such as fake websites, thieves, etc. But things changed quickly, and they are now the meeting place of hobbyists (i.e. frequent escort users), who’s thrill consist on detailing very graphic details of their rendezvous on the world wide Web and inviting others to comment on the girl’s sexual performance.

    To make matters worst, these websites reward reviewers on the number of reviews they post, and have strict guidelines which encourage writers to provide juicy details, otherwise their review will not posted. Boards are anonymous, therefore anyone can write anything about any provider. All escort will tell you that they have often encountered «reviews» which were entirely made up (weren’t they supposed to have been there??) but are unable to do anything about it, unless ready to become a writer herself on these boards and be confronted to hundreds of «hobbyists», ready to jump into a juicy discussion on what is supposed to be a private matter between two consentual adults.

    One thing is left to wonder : what type of men enjoy spending his free time commenting and writing about his sexual encounters with several escorts, some of them barely legal? This alone shows why not to trust the credibility of such “references”, as they come from individuals who are not the most respectful, discerning or even socially adapted people in our society.

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    Look behind you.
    Stephanie is Stephanie of Montreal, very hot with safe GFE services and her cost is $1,000.00 for 2 hrs ( When I saw her it was $800.00 ). She does hate review boards a lot.
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    Lily from Montreal
    The first part is interesting but I do not get the rant against boards? Especially the comments about barely legal? That is not the feeling I see here?
    Also she is missing the point of the boards, yes for those who do not post in threads per se it is just a tools to pick girls thru the reviews ,but it is much more, it is a virtual community where for once sex is not taboo and people can be as serious or as goofy as they want...
    Great hobby although a bit addictive when someone is on a computer all day and cannot resists breaks like me...

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    Yes Lilly....what was that rant about Hobbyists that like to congregate on MERB all about? Maybe Stephanie is afraid that if her clients discover MERB they will also discover that they are overpaying her about about $800/hour? But I liked the fact that she said hey if you are not happy with a girl send them back and do not be intimidated by the agency. Good stuff!!! How many Johns write negative reviews. They knew when they opened the door that this was a mistake. I myself accepted a Indy using false pics last December in the Carolinas. She is using real photos now but she was a 6 in my eyes. And I went through with it. (note* I have never turned down an outcall but I have raced down the fire escape twice during incalls.

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    Lily from Montreal
    I hope you do not mean literally?
    I do not understand guy who knowingly accept a girl who is not the one ''ordered''...If everybody said no the bait and switch thing would stop fast...
    The one time my friend and I got a black haired rocker type sp when I was supposed to get a pretty redhead for my B-day,we refused her...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sol Tee Nutz View Post
    Stephanie is Stephanie of Montreal, very hot with safe GFE services and her cost is $1,000.00 for 2 hrs ( When I saw her it was $800.00 ). She does hate review boards a lot.
    My best buddy in Montreal met her several times when she was $160 an hour. At least back then she was an absolutely magnificent woman in stunning beauty and magnificent statuesque physique. The problem was she was not GFE even by 2004 standards. SAFE, SAFE, SAFE is what she was. I wouldn`t know if that has changed. Surely if she is still non-GFE someone who commands $1000 per 2 hours would not want to see accurate reviews.

    Quote Originally Posted by hungry101 View Post
    Maybe Stephanie is afraid that if her clients discover MERB they will also discover that they are overpaying her about about $800/hour?
    If she has not changed her conservative style of service then all the reviews about very hot ladies who are willing to provide service that is much more sensual and sexual would be a threat to the rates she is asking and explain a lot about putting down the board and trying to smear it. She`d be better off marketing herself as an exclusive high end companion than trying to belittle the same system that got her started on her own path to high paid independence....including the reviews.

    Quote Originally Posted by hungry101 View Post
    ...I liked the fact that she said hey if you are not happy with a girl send them back and do not be intimidated by the agency. Good stuff!!! How many Johns write negative reviews.
    She`s dead on there. Try writing a negative review about certain agencies and their ladies and you`ll find out just how fast the party boy hit squads will trash you.



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    Excellent piece! I don't even mind her rant on details since I've never been a fan of hustler mag's forum. If u have a good service indicating such is enough info 4 me!
    It's in everyone best interest to have accurate info on services & prices & looks
    If I lived in Montreal I would make it a practice to call B&S agencies order the hottest girl & then turn her away at the door saying "sorry no B&S for me" if enough of us did this the practice would become unprofitable to the scam agency!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merlot View Post

    She's dead on there. Try writing a negative review about certain agencies and their ladies and you'll find out just how fast the party boy hit squads will trash you.


    Hi Merlot and all

    Seems as something I went through already!
    Lets party !LOL


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    About Stephanie,

    I do not know how she can still operate at 500$ the hour(probably with a 2 hour minimum requirement) and be that safe... In any case she do as she want, its her business, BUT she knows very well that she would get "backlash" on review boards like here. She probably despise them because the "hobbyist as she describe them" know better and know there is very hot ladies in agencies/independant that charge in the 200$ range. She probably see tourist and very fortunate people and charging 1000$ a meeting, she can probably be self sufficient with 1 or 2 meeting a week or such...

    In any case, i personally never understood people that do partook to these kind of price without a good reason, but again some people can afford to throw money away like they don't care... Personally i could put 1000$ on a meeting (would i had it) for a fantasy like a meeting with Madison Ivy or something, but it would be a one time extravaganza and surely not a common practice. But again, different clients, different style.

    As for the reviews, i do agree some people make them to appear as sex stories... and share too much information. Do we need these details? NO. What is usefull is to know about her atitude, her punctuality, a general idea of her look(does the pics are acurate) , did she used her phone during the meeting, stuff like that... But i know some members get turned on by "sexy reviews" and it seem a common accepted practice here... So why not? If people enjoy it. Like Lily said, its a good thing sex become an open thing in places like here, without taboo. I find it a bit hypocrite Stephanie offer sex for money, yet want this to remain totally private and like it was a person personal sex life... Its a business before everything, escorts themselves usually acknowledge it... Again, im sure her aversion for boards and reviews come from the fact she don't want members to be aware of the fact they could get way more for way less... And about barely legal... she probably consider 20 y.o young escorts this way... :/

    On the other hand i agree with the rest she mention, about turning escorts at the door and such. Also myself included i had fear at first from the agencies(many years ago when i started)... you always imagine hells angels or italian mob running things off in the back, and if something "not ok" happen, they will rush your door and beat you up... LOL But even tough some(probably most) agencies does have a background with those people... we all know this kind of thing won't happen. Don't be shy to refuse to pay if you feel your being scammed.. The worst thing is your gonna get banned from the agency... but then again do you want to deal with these people again if they tried to scam you? LOL
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