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Thread: Best journal/magazine for SP adds

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    Best journal/magazine for SP adds

    Your opinion, what's the best journal/magazine for looking to SP adds?
    Personnaly, I watch in the free journal ICI and sometimes in the Journal de Montreal, it is goods journal for it?

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    Cool Journals or online

    In my opnion Montreal Mirror and Journal de Montreal. Both can be found online on under Personals/Adult Entertainments. Most ads - not all - ads are there.
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    Good question!

    Peronally, i find Le Journal de Montréal and the Mirror to be the ones having the most ads. "Ici" is basically just the French version of The Mirror, but with less ads. Same goes for "Hour", which is the English version of "Voir". I don't find there are much ads in these 2 papers, though. La Presse has a few, with a significant proportion being independents. I must admit that i rely less on the Gazette and La presse. My favourites are Le Journal de Montreal, although quality may sometimes be a problem, and the Mirror.

    Does anyone have any info on smaller papers or on local publications? Has anyone found any gems in the online classified sections?



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    Merci M. Peladeau

    Once Upon A Time You Could Go Online And See The Escort Classifieds From A Dozen Weekly Local Hebdos From St Laurent To Joliette, Ste Therese To Montreal. Then You Could Find New Indie Talent And Some Bargain Basement Blowjob-ology. Today We Prurient Perverts Have To Drive To The South Shore To Get A Copy Of The Courrier Du Sud, Or Go To Laval To Find A Copy Of The Hebdo In An Appartment Lobby. But I'd Say The Courrier Has The Best Values In Rent-a Vulva Classifieds.
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