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Thread: Workplace Violence, Racial Hate Crime or Terrorism?? or not??

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    Post Workplace Violence, Racial Hate Crime or Terrorism?? or not??

    Simple Question posted in the most neutral way possible. The story below is from what I believe is the most neutral news source around, the Globe & Mail. Frankly it's where I go to find the most unbiased source of facts around. I'm sure some will disagree, but that's not what this thread is about.

    Is this happening Work Place Violence, Racial Hate Crime or Terrorism or none of the above?

    P.S. I've purposely allowed you to select multiple answers as the reasoning might be multiple.

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    I realized that the Globe & Mail story failed to insert some facts that appeared in an LA Times story of September 30, 2014 as follows:

    "Nolen is accused of beheading Colleen Hufford, 54, and then attacking Traci Johnson, 43, during a revenge-fueled rampage Thursday at the Vaughan Foods processing plant in Moore, Okla.

    Johnson and Nolen had apparently had a heated exchange earlier in the day based on racial remarks Nolen reportedly made.

    Nolen was ultimately fired that day for the racial comments, according to Moore police. He went home and came back to the plant with a knife, prosecutors say.

    Nolen was allegedly trying to behead Johnson when he was shot by a company executive.

    Mark Vaughan, the company’s chief operating officer and a reserve deputy for the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department, fired three shots, prosecutors say. He hit Nolen with a single bullet that traveled through his arm and hit his abdomen, stopping the attack before police arrived, Mashburn said.

    Despite reports from witnesses that Nolen had tried to convert several co-workers to Islam, Mashburn said Tuesday that the dispute that led to his suspension “had more to do with race than it did him trying to convert anyone.”

    According to Mashburn, Johnson had complained that day to the company’s human resources department that Nolen had made some statements earlier Thursday about “not liking white people.”

    Authorities said that after his firing, an enraged Nolen drove home, retrieved a large kitchen knife and came back to the front office to find “certain people he felt responsible” for his job loss.

    Hufford was standing in a doorway when Nolen grabbed her from behind and decapitated her, according to an affidavit from the district attorney’s office. Prosecutors say it does not seem Nolen was intentionally targeting Hufford.

    Authorities say Nolen then turned to Johnson, stabbing her neck and face with the knife and uttering phrases in Arabic as he attacked.

    Several other employees tried to intervene, throwing chairs at Nolen and trying to kick him and distract him from the two victims, prosecutors said. “They were just trying to help their co-worker,” Mashburn told reporters.

    Prosecutors say Vaughan retrieved a rifle, which he keeps at the business, and shot Nolen as the suspect charged at him with the knife.

    Nolen is still recovering in the hospital but spoke to investigators Friday after undergoing surgery, at which time he confessed to the crimes, Mashburn said. Nolen was coherent and able to give a detailed account of the events, according to authorities.

    The district attorney said Nolen had three targets in mind, one of whom was Johnson, and that they were of different sexes and races."

    I've left the rest of the LA Times story out of this thread in order to attempt to keep it to just the facts, not opinion.

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    No! No No! A hate crime can only be if a white guy kills a black guy.

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    Look behind you.
    All must agree that there is terrorism, if you disagree you live a very sheltered life.
    Racial hate crimes, more in the US than Canada I am guessing but yes that is happening.
    Workplace violence, the amount would be so miniscule that it would be unnoticed. ( percentage wise ).
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