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Thread: Problems logging in?

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    Problems logging in?

    All 3 boards were down for maintenance earlier today and all 3 boards are reporting instances of members not being able to log in. There are threads on terb and perb discussing the bugs and a terb Mod posted earlier that they are still tweaking things thoughout the day. glitches are described in this thread, and on the last page here:

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    Had a few guys ask me to email Fred and he is working on it.

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    The problem I see is when accessing the site with HTTPS

    This is the usual URL that is redirected when I use

    So opening the in Chrome gives me a serious security breach. (Certificate Problem)
    In Advanced Parameters I can choose to continue opening the Dangerous site and It logs me in as usual...

    What is the official new URL.
    Is Secured? Is there a possibility that the usual trolls get profits of this? Is my password protected, My email etc?

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    Fred did help me this afternoon. It worked in part. I use a mac. I can log in with google chrome. However, I still get an unapproved certificate (parallels Panel is the name of it) pop up when I come to the merb forum page using safari, my usual browser.

    Any mac users get the same pop up?

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    I can't log in, except for my phone, this is second time in last few months when upgrades where done

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    try this benz

    If it works, thank Pat98.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lgna69xxx View Post
    try this benz

    If it works, thank Pat98.
    Correct and ignore certificate warning as we'll reinstall certificate.
    "Oh, so they have internet on computers now!" - Homer J.

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    I had the same issue, could not log in. But it seems to have been fixed now

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    I stil can't log in with my Ipad

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    Lily from Montreal
    Me neither, on the Mac is fine but on the Ipad I get the message my nip is invalid...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fred Zed View Post
    Correct and ignore certificate warning as we'll reinstall certificate.
    as certificate been reinstalled?
    I still get warnings


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    I'm unable to log in at all with Google Chrome.

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