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Thread: Youppi Is Back!!!

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    Smile Youppi Is Back!!!

    TSN reported yesterday that the NHL's Montreal Canadiens have picked up Youppi, the former mascot for the departed Expos', as their new mascot. It must have been a hard year for him being out of work. Youppi was created by Muppet master Jim Henson and was once thrown out of a game in 1989 after then manager of the LA Dodgers Tommy Lasorda complained about him jumping up and down on the visitors dugout. BOOOO!

    I had the privilege of seeing Youppi at his last game in Stade Olympique and wished him well at that time. He was a delightful addition to Expos' games and I hope Canadiens' fans will welcome him. Has anyone on the board ever met the person who plays Youppi? What a great job to run around like a kid and entertain people while watching a professional sporting event!

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    I personally met Youppi at one of the last Expos games in Montreal. I think it is great to have him back!
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    Yes Youppi is Great!!! Should the Montreal Canadiens have a mascot? Sorry but no.

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    Why not have hired Badaboum from Quebec???

    Hi Guys,

    I can just imagine the reaction that this is going to cause. Anyway, I would have preferred that the Canadians hire Badaboum, the former Quebec Nordique Mascot. I always have found that Badaboum had a great personnality. Mind you that Youppi was a close second.

    My 2 cents.

    Lone Rider

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