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Thread: Legendary Comic Actor Don Adams of "Get Smart" Dead at 82

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    Legendary Comic Actor Don Adams of "Get Smart" Dead at 82

    This man was one of the greatest comic actors in television history, won several Emmys and then typecasted himself into oblivion with his performance as Maxxwell Smart. One of our favorite Board members named himself after the Adams character.

    Sorry about that, chief.
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    Thumbs down Would have made a good Merbite as well.

    I heard Hugh Hefner talk about their friendship of many, many years. Apparently they played weekly card games together at the Playboy Mansion as far back as Hef could remember.

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    The anti James Bond!

    Get Smart was one of my favorite shows from that era.

    When I catch the odd re-run of those old sitcoms, many are just dated. But I still laugh at Maxwell Smart, secret agent 86.

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