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Thread: Jeans or skirt? What's your preference?

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    Jeans or skirt? What's your preference?

    Some guys really get turned on when an sp walks in wearing a skirt. Others (such as myself) don't really care since they find jeans or pants to also be okay. One agency that i know of used to prohibit their girls from wearing jeans or was either a skirt or a dress. When i was told of this by one of their girls that i once saw several years ago, i chuckled & couldn't believe that an agency would actually dictate an sp's attire.

    So merbites, what's your take on the subject? Does it matter? Will you get more turned on if a girl walks in wearing a skirt?

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    In the summer, definitely, a skirt worn by the SP is preferred and appreciated.

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    I've heard it said on this board that the black tube dress - the dress that is too short and looks like it is shrink wrapped on the SP - should be the standard Montreal uniform. Take the heels that Booker was talking about and the Montreal tube dress and fix your hair and make-up, pedicure, manicure and add one shot of perfume and a smile and that is a recipe for a successful date.

    What is the difference between a 7/ 8 for looks and a 9/10 for looks? It is your dress and attention to detail in your hair, nails, and make-up

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    Anything but no JEANS pleaaaase. lol

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    Little black dress for me, with red lingerie
    but if I have to choose between jean and skirt, I'll go skirt every time.


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    Summer time white cotton dress where you can see through if the sun is shining about knee length, winter time LuLu Lemons and mukluks.

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    I love those black tight leggings or jeans personally, i like a woman in pants more than in a skirt, actually i don't really like skirt all together...

    As for dresses that a different story, i like long classy dresses but does i really expect an SP to come to my hotel room for an hour dress like she is going at the ball? No not really lol, so pants do it very well for me.
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    Both? One can change on site.

    Dresses, Yoga pants, jeans, it's all good.

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    For incall I like a short, black dress too. But would also like to see (which I never have from an SP) tight jean shorts. I think black lingerie looks great on blonds.

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    i perfer skirts over jeans.

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    Short tight skirt, thigh high stockings, blouse or tube dress but with high heels for an SP. On a normal date, either jeans or dress skirt depending on the occasion obviously.

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    Des shorts en jeans ou des jeans déchirés, beaucoup plus sexy. Les jupes j'aime bien les voir dans la rue, mais pas dans ma chambre.

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    I prefer skirt and dress: I'm a legs lover!

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