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Thread: Extended BLS, What do U Think?

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    Extended BLS, What do U Think?

    I was with a girl (non-pro) last week. The whole thing was rather uneventful, quick bang and I'll call u (but maybe not) type of event.

    The only thing that struck me was the amount of time her mouth was down there, ok BJ was alright but the licking and slurping from root to tip, scrotum area and even a little rim was very interesting! I mean I felt good, relaxed and it was a different type of satisfaction... Just letting go and enjoy!

    She just went on and on, not your conventional 1-2 minutes. More like 10+! All I know is I finished off in doggy and couldn't put my boxers back on... I was soaked, But feeling great!

    I'm the type that loves BJ's even more dick and balls/scrotum carress, which by the way is the best way to put me to sleep; out like a baby. I've enjoyed the foreplay munching/licking from SP's and GF's in the past, which usually are not super long. But this surprised me a bit.

    Would there be any SP's out there that would do it? Or do I need to jump on a plane and head to Thailand or Philippines for that?


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