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Thread: Your first time as an escort/with an escort?

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    Your first time as an escort/with an escort?

    Somebody posted this on Terb and I admittedly ripped it off. I'll post my own experience when I get out of work later...

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    Hello gurgeh,

    Wow, fascinating stories in the article. I've always figured 99% of all escorts are comfortable with me because I treat them pretty well and I never ask or do anything weird, and I'm at least average looking for my age and slim. From a lot of these stories I can see I was correct. Of course the clients can't do anything about the feelings and particularly the misgivings the ladies have about their first experience, but I definitely never made it any worse with behavior or requests beyond what most would call standard sex, though maybe a client being sexually passionately and usually long lasting is not something many escorts typically enjoy.

    It no surprise that many of the ladies were very nervous about their first experience. This has to be the most common aspect for either a man or a woman. I was especially nervous about everything the first time I met someone on June 26, 2001. Despite some fantasies I had never wanted to get involved in paying any woman for sex. A normal relationship was far, far preferable. But after a lot of tough ups and downs I started to think much more seriously about seeing an escort. There was no way it was going to be a street prostitute. It had to be some level safer, cleaner, without being cheaply seedy.

    One guy I knew and had to work with kept talking about his experiences, bumping into known hookers, women with drug habits, or the kind he described frequently as cheap sluts willing to do anything for a little money. The thing that disturbed me was how he cast them all as desperate $20 whores he could exploit as he wished and then dispose of them easily. He joked about how hard up they were for any money often with a big smile and chuckling about how he had used them like he was some kind of much superior male taking his rights and believing he was somehow immune ethically and morally because he was a guy. Mostly I didn't say a lot but sometimes I made allusions to him being no better, to which he'd smirk and say..."they're all just whores". I'd laugh and he'd tell me I was delusional if I didn't think the same. I didn't want anything to do with that kind of debased and totally parasitical situation.

    One day I was surfing and caught site of some Montreal agencies on Bigdoggie. To make this much shorter, it sounded like a much more quality experience and I set up arrangements for a trip, hotel and appointment to see a lady named Josee from the old Sweet Dreams agency after doing a lot of research and getting over the constant feeling that I really did not want to go through with this at all, but resolving that no one back home would ever get a hint of what went on if I did. I made the call, got some wine, Josee arrived around 10 to 20 minutes late, which gave me time to breath and get over the nerves a little bit. She arrived. Josee was petite, about 22 years younger than I, very cute with a tight shapely figure. I admitted it was my first time, which she had pretty much figured out anyway. We started and I went to kiss her to which she said, you know escorts usually don't kiss. But she gave me some light pecks. The sex was fine though pretty standard for the time, CBJ, daty, doggie, missionary, and that was the menu. She invited me to call for her again, which I would have except I was still embarrassed about going through with it all and her being the first.

    What brought some humor to the experience was that the air-conditioner wasn't working very well in late June and Josee insisted on helping me get it fixed or get a better room. I tried to call her off from making a complaint but she went through with it. Frankly, she was obviously a spunky type and I didn't want to have a loud argument to keep things very low key, though very ironically I soon found myself downstairs with her at the managers desk as she filed a complaint and got a room change as I stood there next to her quite embarrassed but also getting a very nervous kick out of the whole funny episode. When the clerk asked who she was I pretty much froze. Josee just went on about acceptable room conditions. Geeeeez, she was something else. So much for keeping everything a secret. I MISS HER.

    Overall it wasn't all that much. Only the nerves and apprehension about doing it at all made it seem much bigger than it was. I'm still not sure entering this hobby was the better choice.



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    Ugh!! I wrote this whole thing & then I was told that I wasn't logged on. Rather than copying and pasting, which I should have done, I hit the back button and it was all lost. I don't know how that happaned. If I'm not logged on, I shouldn't be able to write anything, right? Anyway, let me get back to the subject...

    I started my original post by commenting on this comment that you made, Merlot: "I'm still not sure entering this hobby was the better choice." This is an interesting observation and one that I have wondered about myself from time to time.

    Anyway, back to the beginning. Where was I? Oh, right: Backpage. I don't know how legitimate Backpage is in Canada, but in the US it's completely sleazy & it's LE bait. I searched the ads for years, wondering how I could get into the hobby. I asked the age-old question: "If you need references to see a woman, and no woman will see you without references, how do you get references?" I didn't know the answer, so I circled the Backpage ads like a shark around a bleeding swimmer. Eventually I discovered TER & joined & did some research. This led me to third-party verification services & I ended up joining Preferred 411. When you first join P411, there are very few women who will see you. You still need references! But, a handful of ladies describe themselves as "newbie friendly" & it's these that you have to see first.

    So, I contacted one of them & made an app't. This was for 9:00, after I got out of work. I'm a suburban boy, so I had to drive into NYC to meet her. In retrospect, this was mistakes #'s one and two -- now I will never see a woman after work because you never know how tired and stressed-out you will be after work. Also, I tend to avoid NYC. There are plenty of gorgeous providers in Northern NJ or Long Island and I will go out of my way to see them first. Some amazing ladies are exclusive to Manhattan so, yeah, I'll bend my rule for them, but I try to stick to it if I can!

    Anyway, I texted this girl to confirm my app't and she got back to me with the hotel she was staying in. I did a little research, found parking near the hotel, so all was good. Just before I left work, she texted me and asked if I could make it at 10:00 instead of 9. I said, "Sure, no problem," even though I wasn't happy about the schedule change. I live in the opposite direction of the city, so after work I drove down to a mall and just hung around in the parking lot to kill time. When the time came, I drove into the city & parked my car. At 9:59 I texted her and said I was there. She texted me back: "You're here already?? Give me 15 minutes" So, I wandered to the other end of the block and waited next to a homeless guy that was sleeping under a staircase. At 10:15 I texted her again & she gave me instructions to take the elevator to the third floor & text her again. Before I could even get there, she texted me, "Where are you?" I said, "I'm here!" She gave me her room # and told me to tap lightly on the door, which I did. So...

    ...she opens it up. Now, she had described herself on her web site as "slender" and was described on TER as "skinny". She was neither of these things. Her belly was bigger than mine. I came into the room and this flashed through my mind, but I thought, "Fuck it!" I had gone through so much time and bullshit to get to this point that I didn't care. We stripped, which was interesting in itself. The question of "Can I strip in front of a woman I just met two minutes ago?" was answered. Yes, I can. We showered together, which I think was just a way for her to kill 15 minutes. She did give me the most unusual compliment that I've ever received, though, which was: "Wow! You have a really clean asshole!" "Oh... Thank you!" I said.

    So, to bed. She went down on me for a while, rode me CG and RCG, and on to doggy, and it never happened. I don't know if I was too nervous or if I wasn't very sexually attracted to her. I think it was a bit of both. She was disappointed that I didn't cum & I felt bad for her. I think I felt worse for her that I didn't cum than I felt bad for myself! I think I actually apologized for not cumming! She knew I was nervous, so she gave me a shot of whiskey before we started & even though I kept saying no, no, no, I eventually relented and took the Xanax that she offered me. It didn't help. It made for an interesting drive home, though. I had to get off the highway about 2/3 of the way home and drive the back streets for fear that I was going to crash my car. These are learning experiences & I learned a lot of what NOT to do that night.

    Now, my 2nd experience, that was a good one...!

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    Hi all

    In my beginner year as a escort booker lived trough a strange story that became funny at the end .
    20 years back escorting was way different then it is now !
    More girls working for agencies close to no Indies .We hired frequently 25 new girls per week with a recruiting add of 10 lines that we kept 7 days a week ,newbies where frequent ,the young lady has never escorted before but one story that I lived is way different then all the others .

    We had a bank of client that wanted to be contacted whenever we had a newbie that was a real 18 years old and debutante ,the opportunity to be the first client ever .

    So partner calls me and provides the description of a 18 years debutante which he was interviewing and said she was ready to start now ,she needed the money .
    She was a tall leggy beauty with a awesome behind and natural firm G's ,yeah you read right oh geeeeeezzzzzz .
    In her interview she had mention to my partner that she was a stripper dancer .
    So I call one of our great client and tell we have a must see debutante 18 years old with unbeleivable natural physique rarely seen ,he is interested so I go pick up the newbie to bring at her first ever escort client .

    In my car we speak a little ,I explain to her the type of guy the client is and the type of service he is looking for .She doesn't seem to nervous ,what is strange for a newbie .Maybe she is very self confident with the look she has and the body she knows that she is truly a guaranteed knockout .
    Do remember I am a beginner myself ,within my first year .

    We arrive a destination she gets off ,calls me to confirm the call like I had explained her to do .

    A big surprised occurred at the 35 to 40 minutes mark of the call .The client is on line and says Booker your debutante has not undressed yet ,he was luckily for her and me a very cool guy ,but not a happy camper ,with reasons .

    So I ask him if I could speak to my demoiselle for a moment ,he agreed .I get my debutante on the line and asked her what was the problem ?Hummmmm
    She said well I am sorry but I have never undressed in front of a man before !Ouch
    So she was never a stripper dancer .

    Obviously the client was not believing the story ,he thought that girl was simply not into him or worst.

    Luckily I had another newbie bomb available she just wasn't 18 ,so offer him a replacement hour plus a bonus hour has a apologies ,which he accepted .

    After that event it became mandatory for each girl hired to show herself naked to avoid does type of stories where you feel so stupid ,sending a escort that cannot undress does trump many newbie stories by its particularities

    Good luck to all



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    Think i have probably tell that story before, but why not once more?

    Its 2009, i am to go see Cannibal Corpse in Quebec City, a band i wanted to experience at least once live. My friend wich was supose to come with me choked on me couple days prior to the show. If i had knew he wouldn't come i would had took MTL instead of Quebec. So i had lots of money spared for that show plus the usual strip club time we used to do after, but there was no way i wanted to go to our usual place alone.(lady mary-ann) as its a pricy place and it wouldn't had been the same without my buddy.. I decided to look online to see if there was not other cheaper strip clubs or ways to spend money and have fun after a show, being alone and all...

    I stumbled across MERB searching for strip clubs, and realized it was more than a place to discuss about that. I started to look at everything and realized one very popular girl was touring sherbrooke the very next day of my show. I had bad experiences in sherbrooke before that(more on that later) so i wasn't certain but reviews where great, i saw her profile on devilish (she was in agency in mtl, but independant when touring more or less) and she looked hot. I decided to partook, i was able to mail her and discuss with her, even today i wonder how i could ask for that but well i did... I mentioned i would like to cum in her mouth or face, as i had that fantasy from porn for a long time and was never able to come close doing it. She said mouth was no, but face ok, so i said COOL. At that time she asked me to not put it in my review because she was not doing that very often lol, but since she is now retired(from what i know) ... Anyway...

    Next day i come back from QC, i arrive early noon, i had no cell phone or anything back then, so when she called to give me the room number, i was in the shower, my buddy answered and said she would call back... i was nervous she would not, but she did, and my buddy drove me there. I was so nervous, i looked everywhere for cops cause i feared it would be like in the movies... i probably waited 20 mins in the corridor and knocked on the door at the exact time of the meeting.

    I had brough my CD PLAYER (lol) and asked for a lap dance on a Metallica song. Because i was used to strip club and wanted to experience a dance on something else than crappy club music. She provided this and eventually she was the one telling me i could do more than just touch her breast (they where nice, big and natural too) and that i should remove my underwear i if want more... Eventually i did, took some courage and she gave me a BBJ. Funny thing it was not that good of a BJ, she didn't pulled the skin and i experienced a much better one the next month when i came to MTL, but it was enough to make me cum eventually and i sprayed her face pretty much like in my favorite movie at that time, FLESH HUNTER when Jules Jordan got Krystal Steal between the eyes :O. She took it nicely and didn't ran for the bathroom too fast, it was great, we chated a bit at the end and i left..

    I was literaly dancing on the street and singing like a moron(walked back home) but i was happy. My buddy was mad at me cause i didn't had "vaginal sex" . Next month i was in mtl for by birthday and had a very different session but even more awesome. The girl was even hotter, she sucked way better, she did CIM/SW twice, i fucked her and all... ah the birthday of my 24 ... will always remember. I even saw her at the econo lodge... lol, first and only time i got there. Actually the room was not so bad, but i read online later that the place was not clean and all...

    So well that was my first steps in the business of MTL SPs...

    If i don't mention my 2 disastrous encounter in sherbrooke, its because i don't count them on my official road sheets. But if you want to truly know the very first time... well, i called that newspaper agency named DOUCE EXTASE, they gave me a bunch of names on the phone with stats... i opted for one girl described as blond, 130 lb, big natural Ds, blue eyes... hell on paper she could had been a very hot blond with big boobs, maybe a bit thicker than pamela anderson lol, but still very hot. I was at my friend's place on top of that, he offered it to me for that... So she arrive, and oh boy... she is chubby, like nearly BBW but more like BUW ... not pretty at all, eyes cross-side, not even blonde(more like chataine) but at least she had the huge tits... But she was not doing anything for me visually. I mean, i had been to the strip club a lot, so even tough i was total virgin, i experienced at least touching hot girls...

    She arrive, mention she don't kiss, she suck with condom.. ok.. like full restriction and your not even pretty? Should had turned her away but it was my first time, i was afraid... Eventually i was unconfortable to do that with her in my friends bed, so i just got a CBJ sitting on a kitchen chair... I managed to cum in the condom in mouth to my home surprise, but i could had jerk myself for the same result.. i really felt i lost 100$ for nothing... (at least it was 30 min outcall for 100$)

    Second experience was not much better, i took incall, asked for a girl doing BBJ, NOT FAT this time, the booker was a dude and assure me she was cute. I arrived there, place was just an appart completely empty exept a night table, a mattress on the floor directly and a blue light ... girl was ok, not super hot, but GND pretty, not fat at all. But turned out she didn't do BBJ either, and when i tried fucking her she did the star... so i basically stoped after 30 secs... didn't wanted my first real time(at vaginal) to be that way... Again a crappy experience, i even tell her i was a virgin, she could had make an effort, and at the end she asked me how it was, i was honest and her answer was "can't please everybody" So after those 2 disaster, i was 2 years without trying, only going at the SC, until i discovered the MTL girls...Even the second girl being decent looking, everything else was wrong, no chemistry at all, no GFE, no effort from her side... Those 2 bad experiences in Sherbrooke almost scared me for life of SPs... until i was lucky to discover merb

    BTW that story in the article above where the guy get the BJ, cum on her face, get another BJ while she still has the cum in face and cum again on her face, holy shit it look awesome, wish i could do that one day, it was a major turn on for me
    Here's to the people we've met, and the people we've fucked And to those of us who have had no such luck Here's to beer in the glass and vodka in the cup Here's to poking her in the ass so she won't get knocked up Here's to all of you and here's to me... Together as friends we should always be... But if we should ever disagree... Then fuck all of you and here's to me! - Tucker Max

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