Are you an in-call or outcall escort, exotic dancer, dominatrix, porn actress, or erotic masseuse living or working downtown?

Stella can come visit you!

We offer:
- Workplace or home visits if you’d like FREE CONDOMS, lubricant, gloves, or our XXX Guide, a book filled with tips on keeping healthy and staying safe while on the job
- A list of bad clients and aggressors that gives information on bad clients (no-shows, disrespect, refusing to pay) or aggressors who pose as clients to hurt us, condom removers, etc. so it’s a very useful tool.
- Tips on preventing violence, support if you do experience violence or harassement.
- Information about the upcoming changes to the laws surrounding sex work, what will be legal and what will be illegal, and your rights regarding the police
- Information preventing or treating sexually transmitted infections
- Referrals to sex-worker-friendly health, social, and legal resources if you want or need them

Call 514 984 6297 to organize a visit!

All of our services are confidential and we are downtown every Thursday from 4pm-1am!

(You can also visit our office Mon, Wed-Friday between 11-5pm and visit our medical clinic twice a month, call 514 285 8889 for more info)

Stella is by sex workers and for sex workers

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