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Thread: New bill sanctioned, now what?

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    New bill sanctioned, now what?

    Since the new law had been voted and is in effect, does anyone know if there has been any arrests? What were LE tactics and targets?

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    nobody gives a shit about this bill including the police.

    The conservatives just had to act like a bunch of dicks

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    Someone said that since it was approved (royal assent) on the 5th of November it will not go into effect until 30 days later.

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    S noodle, exactly because the conservatives had to act like a bunch of ducks, they're going to try to set an example with the first offenders, naming and shaming them. Whether the police believes in it or not is irrelevant, any new legislation comes in with an enforcement plan that they must follow. These usually have some targeted offender groups and compliance strategies (believe new, I've written a few...).

    So what I'm trying to assess is where they're going to put their efforts to get their first convictions and what their strategies will be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snoodle View Post
    nobody gives a shit about this bill including the police.

    The conservatives just had to act like a bunch of dicks
    Gets my vote for post of the year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe.t View Post
    Gets my vote for post of the year.
    Do they ever act differently??
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    lol thanks...

    ya curly they may make an example out of a few first offenders but i doubt that will happen in quebec or toronto.

    If anything it will happen in calgary. They are real assholes out there.

    I spoke to an indy sp that got arrested out there way before any law came out. They posed as clients and busted her and confiscated her laptop.
    Poor girl is just trying to make a living.

    Another SP told me that in montreal they told her as long as you do your dealings on the internet and stay off the streets we will leave you alone.

    So as i said before i think as long as things are done discreet, there shouldn't be any trouble....hopefully.

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    New prostitution laws prompt question: What happens next?


    The Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act gives prostitutes basic immunity from prosecution and the legal ability to conduct business related to sex work, provided they are acting of their own free will. The Criminal Code now criminalizes those who buy and advertise the sexual services of others, communicate in any place for those services, and those who exploit, enslave and profit from prostitutes.

    But that fundamental shift in focus won’t necessarily mean additional frontline police action, says Tim Stamatakis, president of the Canadian Police Association, which supported Bill C-36 becoming law.
    Many police departments, including Ottawa’s, have taken a general hands-off approach to routine prostitution enforcement since the “Bedford” decision, which ruled that three prostitution-related laws placed sex workers at undue risk and violated their Charter rights, notably security of the person. The court gave government a year to craft a replacement.

    The police stance is not expected to change, at least in the short-term or unless sex-trade activity generates community heat.

    Vanier businesses, for example, have been “screaming at me all summer to try and get the prostitutes off the main (Montreal Road) strip, so we’ve done that,” says Ottawa Police acting inspector Mike Laviolette. “But, as expected, we’ve just displaced them into the residential areas.

    “So this bill actually will help us in terms of that because of the restrictions on where they can carry on their business.”

    Much of the enforcement question will depend on circumstances, explains Stamatakis. “Do we have a pimp engaged in those kinds of activities exploiting a woman or a group of women for their own purposes? Generally speaking, agencies across the country are (already) investigating those kinds of incidents.

    “When it comes to prostitution itself, there will be a continued focus on prosecution in places where it generates either broader public safety issues or a concern in the community, like engaging in prostitution in front of a school.”

    But “there are many other crime issues that are creating more issues in our communities than just your street-level, really marginalized women engaged in prostitution.”

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