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Thread: In a decriminalized system, what to do about the neighbors

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    In a decriminalized system, what to do about the neighbors

    I found this thread from the United Kingdom interesting.

    The United Kingdom is reasonably close to decriminalization, but does not legally allow more than one prostitute to work at the same location (the prostitutes have found workarounds, of course)

    So what happens if a Lithuanian lady rents a small house and turns tricks? You guessed it, the neighbors complain to her landlord and get her evicted. The neighbors make themselves feel better about it by using her child as an excuse. Apparently, he played outside while mom was turning tricks. Now I guess they are homeless and poorer, but I doubt if the neighbors really give a shit about that, since property values are not as much at risk.

    The point I am making is that I think Canada basically had it right prior to c-36. Outcall was legal, incall was illegal but tolerated in most hotels and commercially-zoned areas if no one complained, and incall was illegal and enforced in residential areas like the case with Ms. Bedford.

    No matter what a court might say, people are going to find a way to keep this activity from occurring as residential incalls. Nosy and disapproving neighbors are going to find a way to eliminate it - just look at the comments in the thread from the commenters and how they blast the civil liberatarians who try to reason with them.

    Now Canada has the c-36 cyclone of shit as a result of the attempt to move towards greater decriminalization. Now there will be more criminalization and uncertainty. Canada had it right before c-36. The lesson for those in support of decriminalization - learn to compromise if you have a workable system. Punch the other side in the face and they just might beat the shit out of you. American johns have learned it. There are places and means of obtaining commercial sex without law enforcement concerns, but problems occur when either party steps over the line. That will eventually be the case with Canada, but now we have to learn where the line will be in various places.

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    I heard the Quebec Police will only go after underage, trafficking and coercion. not consenting adults

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