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Thread: Pretty much as I predicted....More face pics

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    Pretty much as I predicted....More face pics

    Anecdotal Evidence is pretty much as I expected that more face pics would appear as the agencies attempt a new methodology of selling their ladies. Can't advertise services, so looks become the more important sales tool.

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    Wow, that's great!!!

    I love face pics!!!

    Where do I see them???
    "Just When I Thought I Was Out.....They Pull Me Back In!!!"

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    Face pics just means the lady is open minded and not afraid to show the world what she does for a living. If you see any lady with a face pic..amazing GFE service is 100% GUARANTEED and this has been battle tested and confirmed from yours truly.

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    The face is where the person is, where the individual is. Picking an escort by body pictures, it is a bit like selecting a slab of meat at the grocers. I understand privacy issues but they should understand that face pics are very desirable.

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