Hello Montreal and visiting gentlemen!

It has been a While since I've had the pleasure of a visit to beautiful Montreal, and the last time I visited, well, I wasn't pregnant

Those of you who are active on other boards, may know that I am an established Toronto-based independent European companion. I am thankful to have received many accolades on various industry websites over the past 3-4 years, including for my current specialty service.

Here's a recent sample from the Toronto board:

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Couldn't agree more, which is why I'll ad this...

I saw Alanna last week and honestly had an unforgettable time (btw, for those that think I have a type, how do you like them apples? )

Funny enough, I'd seen here ads over the last while, pre pregnancy and was never particularly curious. Her pregnancy ads, both pictures and commentary, caught my attention and I was definitely intrigued.

In terms of service, beyond the visual cues you would never imagine that the woman you are with is in the advanced ages of a pregnancy. Totally uninhibited and wild, as well as a sensual gfe Alanna made sure that all of my wants were met, much less my needs. More than an escort, I found her to be an incredible lover, very intuitive and very aware of her partners desires. Maybe we just happen to be a perfect match sexually, but if I had to guess, she is just that fantastic at what she does.

Another thing that was surprising was how tiny she is. Obviously not in the belly, but you can really see the tight little body that is present the rest of the time. She also has a very pretty face, quite striking.

In terms of personality, I think she is wonderful. Easy conversationalist and very inquisitive, without seeming disingenuous at all; she asks questions she is actually curious about, not just "do what do you?" And I found speaking with her quite stimulating...that she was sitting in my lap MAY have also played a role in my being stimulated

I hadn't planned on it but I will hope and try to see her again before she takes her time off. I also truly hope she is back in a year or so...like I said, my time with her was unforgettable and Alanna, if our paths don't cross again, I wish you and your little bundle nothing but the best.

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I am currently in Montreal, and I'm offering a Rare Opportunity to be with me during this special time in my life! If you have never been with a pregnant woman, or if it has been a while for you, you may have some questions. I endeavour to answer quite a few of them, including service-related questions, in my most recent blog entry here:

Btw, I am currently in my 8th month (last few weeks of my pregnancy!), so this is really a Last-Call opportunity for those of you who have had the fantasy, or who are curious I apologize for the short notice on MERB btw -- I did announce my trip on a couple of other websites a few days ago.

Remaining Availability for Montreal is as follows:

TONITE, WED, NOV 26th... 7:30PM - 12AM

THU, NOV 27th... 11AM-1PM

I am hosting at an upscale Downtown Montreal hotel. Outcalls to other upscale hotels are also possible. From Montreal, I am heading to Pembroke, ON where I still have availability for daytime Friday, and possibly until Saturday morning. Please see my website Schedule page for additional Last-Call availability for Ontario over the next 2 weeks.

Please visit my website,www.YourEuroGoddess.com to get a better idea of my offering.

My rates are as per my website:

500/1.5 hrs
700/2 hrs
1000/3 hrs

*For this Montreal trip, due to the last-minute nature of this tour, I am also offering a 45min incall option at 300.
*Please see website for longer rendezvi.

The following pictures are most recent, taken about 1.5 months ago:
(Please use your imagination to add a few more inches to my belly )

I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you, on this, my Last Tour to your city before baby, and possibly my last tour ever...

If you'd like to get together please either call me at 647 405 1222 or Email me at [email protected].

For our mutual comfort as well as the best possible experience together, please provide me with the following information:
> Your first name
> Your approximate age, e.g. late 40s
> Your ethnicity (if Caucasian, please specify ancestry)
> Your line of work
> Whether you are a local or a visiting gentleman; if visiting, please specify from which city
> Your MERB/TERB/CERB/P411 username and/or a reference from another reputable companion
> Desired date, start-time, and length of rendezvous, and whether incall or outcall
> Any special requests you may have for our time together.

Looking forward to seeing you for a very special experience!

Sweet kisses,