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Thread: Flightplan/History of violence

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    Flightplan/History of violence

    Wanted to start a new thread for all movie buffs out there.

    Just came back from the movies :

    FLIGHTPLAN : the film got to a flying start and then it crashed and burned. Too many plotholes and contrivances. Jodie Foster is solid as usual but could not fly the plane on her own. Rating 2 1/2 on 5

    HISTORY OF VIOLENCE : what a movie!!! Guys will love it. Vigo Mortensen gives one of his best performance, Ed Harris is equal to himself. What can I say about Maria Bello, this chick is mucho hot even with small breasts!!! There are 2 sex scenes that will get your penile artery pumping hard, guys. The violence is graphic. Rating 4.

    A sucker is born every NY minute.

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    Thumbs up Oy!

    Movie was indeed 2.5/5 at best- mild entertainment for me as a $5 Tuesday was the cost X 2 with a "friend".

    Jodie Foster used to know how to act (remember?)

    In this movie? Where is weepy "pick useless actress with emotions all through the movie" when you need her? Oops:Kirsten & Sandra are busy and the other girl is wearing pink all the time and pink is not a colour for this movie:-) So what is Jodie doing: she is not busy right now? But Jodie is not useless - oh so what: she needs the cash - she'll do it!

    And the plot? Oh oh: 15 minutes into 90 minute movie: p.s. Why 15 mins? Because it takes this long to taxi to the take off and we need to introduce all of the main characters:
    The only question is? How long does it take everyone else to figure out :who ARE "the ______guy and the ______chick: who are the bad guys?
    Oh no? Bush won't like this: it's not the Middle Eastern looking guy
    Oh yeah! The movie role chick works in a job whose "union" wants to sue the makers for defamation of character? God bless? Gimme a break!

    Did I say Oy?
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