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Thread: Most surprising signing duets ?

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    Most surprising signing duets ?


    Talented and surprising signing duets ?

    Dolly Parton and Kenny Rodgers " Islands in the Stream"



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    There's a few that comes to mind. While I do like the song you posted, Booker, this is not, for me. surprising. Mostly,what I dins surprising are people from different styles of music coming together. Like Aerosmith and Run DMC. Or Eminem and Elton John signing "Stan" at an award show at the time where people were bashing Eminem for being a homophobe in that song in particular (of course, it reeks of marketing, but still surprising).

    But, being a big fan of comedy songs, I find the Lonely Island/Michael Bolton very surprising and really really good.

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    On paper, Afrika Bambaataa making a single with Johnny Lydon seemed rather odd but it turned into a memorable 80's video

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