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Thread: How do agencies keep their girls happy ?to avoid defection?

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    How do agencies keep their girls happy ?to avoid defection?

    Hi all

    How do agencies keep the girls happy ?

    Their is obviously the money part what about the rest ?

    Has a client what do you think



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    this is my conversation with some ladys i seen in pass. one told me she didn't like the comeons from the owner or drivers.

    i heard storys from 1 lady that she fellt if she wasnt nice to owners or drivers she was shortchanged on apointements. by nice, i mean sex. there were times wen she told me that she was availabel for 2 days at 6 hours each and got only 2 apointments. i mention once i called agency and told me that she was all booked and offred me someone else. she told me she was never fuly booked during that week so i dont know who to belief. there was not a lot of trust betwen her and agency and she eventualy left.

    i think also not forcing ladys to give extras to customers as part of fee or forcing ladys to do something she isnt comfortabel with. if she isnt comfortabel with cim or sw, having it on menu or part of standard service is mistake. i think some standard is good like fk, daty, bbbj, fs, and msog.

    alowing ladys to refuse customers is good. mabe alowing ladys to say if person x calls, i am availabel or not availabel.

    if limited incall apartemennts or rooms, to make it fair for ladys. if 4 ladys show up for work and only 2 rooms availabel, incall apointemtns should be given fairly and not one ladys get the incalls.

    if agency doesnt show weekly shcedule or does show weekly shcedule, alow prebookings if the lady gives shcedule early.

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