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Thread: Holding a Bachelor Party and Implications of New C-36

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    Holding a Bachelor Party and Implications of New C-36

    Given that C-36 will take effect within the next few days, when hosting a bachelor party for a friend, what should one necessarily keep in mind? It would be an awful mess to invite friends and business associates from European countries such as Greece, Spain, Germany, and the UK, and then having such friends getting into legal troubles since they have no idea of the implications of C-36. Please advise. Thanks.

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    I am confused as to why you would think c-36 would have that much effect. We do not live in a futuristic apocalyptic work in which the government can see everything. C-36 does not outlaw nonmarital sex, nor does it deprive a woman of her ability to consent to sex (although from what I have read about Harper and Mackay they might liked such laws if they could get them enacted).

    If you hire an escort to entertain at a bachelor party, and she chooses to fuck the groom and give blowjobs to all of the other attendees, that would to me not constitute a c-36 violation. Of course, if you paid her and all she did was a striptease, forcibly having sex with her against her will would be a serious crime, but that was the case, fortunately, long before c-36.

    For the cautious, gone are the days in which email and text could be used for her agency to negotiate exactly how many guys she would fuck and for how much. Certainly that will continue to occur with the expectation that such texts and emails will be deleted, but the more cautious approach would be for the payment to be made purely for entertainment with her being the one to decide if it is sufficient to allow her to fuck everyone in the room. Or such a negotiation could occur verbally with her in a private room at the start of the session.

    But I do not see how c-36 would put the bachelor party participants at risk, if they did not pay for sex, or even put the person doing the paying at risk unless there was clear evidence of a payment for sex.

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    Thanks Patron for your perspective !

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    I would think if there is sex for money then the C-36 would apply and the client would be guilty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LCBO View Post
    I would think if there is sex for money then the C-36 would apply and the client would be guilty.
    How are you defining sex for money? If she is paid to provide entertainment for the bachelor party, and her decision of how to do that entertainment is to have vaginal intercourse with the groom and to perform oral sex on the rest of the attendees, c-36 does not obligate them to demand that she cease with the sex. And none of them have paid her for sex, they paid for entertainment.

    If there is evidence that a payment was directly made for her to have intercourse with one guy and perform oral sex on five more, then yes, c-36 would most definitely apply. This is why most people will now avoid texts and emails for such discussions, and many would avoid even a verbal discussion, although that is more difficult for the government to use as evidence. To an extent it does empower sex workers, as she is given a payment and can choose to provide sex, of not. She could just strip and wink at everyone. To avoid such a result, most would choose a well reviewed escort, give her an appropriate payment, and hope for the best. Most of them want to please.

    That all having been said, one of the most troubling things about the alarmist threads on merb and terb is the ease with which a despot in difficult times will be able to take away the basic rights of most citizens. The unrealistic projections of what the police and prosecutors will be able to do with this law are amazing. I blame it on unrealistic depictions of the criminal justice system on TV. Commercial sex flourishes in plenty of countries in which it is illegal, with zero (or close to mathematical zero) arrests of johns seeing reviewed providers.

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