MERBites definitely don't know (cuz i have never made it public), but i get ALOT of private messages from shy MERBites who are nylon-lovers just like me (and who are lurkers), and who want me to be the middle man and direct them to the right indy or the right agency, telling me how much they admire me LOL. Some even want to meet me for coffee! Unfortunately, i simply don't have the time to respond to all of the requests i get, and to those MERBites, i do apologize for that. Hopefully, this thread will answer some of their questions, and lighten the load in my inbox.

Many of them, just like me, do not want to resort to the bevy of Dominatrix' that this city has, because simply put, we are not interested in having a Dominatrix-style session, where she is dressed exactly how u want, but unfortunately she doesn't offer ANY of the services we really want LOL (i.e.: FS, BJ, etc.). It's too bad, because some of those Dominatrix' are quite hot, but unlike in places like Germany, where the dominatrix can also play the submissive role and even allow hardcore FS and BJ, the ones in Montreal are notoriously known to provide nothing of the sort. Nothing remotely close. It's too bad, because there is an entire market out there that's not being fulfilled.

Most if not all of these MERBites are too shy to go through the motions of voicing their needs/demands/desires (to the SP or to the booker), in regards to the SP being nylon-clad during the meet. I used to be more shy, but those days are over for me. I don't have time to waste.

So, i'm curious to know what other MERBites' experiences have been (both good and bad), in regards to their nylon dreams being met. I know Delta123 is a big nylon-lover just like me. I cannot think of others right now.
I have dealt with several agencies, and i must say that some completely out-perform others, and I do believe something needs to be said about it (for the good ones).

In no particular order....

As a nylon-fetichist who requires an SP to be dressed the way i like as soon as my eyes land on her (or else i don't book!), i must say that Mojo has been terrific in this department. They never EVER give me stress or jerk me around (or insult me.....yes other agencies have insulted me!) about my needs/demands of having an SP arrive, dressed in a certain way. On some nights, they have honestly & clearly told me that an SP is NOT dressed in the attire i require on that given night, and they understand that I won't book the SP unless she is. They welcome me to submit my demand, in order to fulfill it perhaps the next night, or very soon after. And they have come through in that regard.

For example, I have seen Polly on 2 occasions, and both times, she was dressed to a tee!! Absolutely perfect. Exactly how i had asked the booker. Even the make-up was fully in agreement with my requirements!
No attitude from the booker; as well as quick responses. Truly top-notch!
And what about the wonderful photos on that website, with almost their entire team fully clad in nylons and garters! Bravo to Mojo for bringing nylons back! I have a lot of their SPs on my radar.

Martin @Asservissante has been consistent over the years, even though i have kinda stopped reaching out to them, cuz i'm not too impressed by the photos of his roster. Nevertheless, he always is friendly, welcoming and honest. He has always been super super cool about my nylon fetish, and at one point, in recent memory (when i was reaching out to him more often), he would even suggest to me the SPs that were wearing nylons on any given night, without me even asking. I told him how much i appreciated that, and i'm saying it here again! If you're a nylon fetichist, you won't be shy with Martin. He puts you at ease. And every SP that I have seen from Asservissante has always arrived in nylons. And not just nylons....but full make-up too.

Agencies who i have communicated with (and who look promising), but have yet to meet anyone on their roster
There are 2 agencies who i have communicated with over the last couple of years and who seem to be warm (or just luke-warm enough) to clothing and nylon requests are Wildtime and Nadya's.

In regards to Wildtime, i actually did see one of their players a couple of years ago, but i had not made any special pre-requests at the time. When she arrived, i simply asked her to wear clothing that i already own from my props collection, and she was totally cool, and the session was fantastic. But since then, there have been many SPs of theirs that i wanted to meet, but it never worked out. Unfortunately, their hottest commodity (in my opinion) who i've really wanted to meet, Naomie, is supposedly aversive to nylons (I was told), and will not meet such requests (she won't even wear them if you're the one who gives her the nylons). So, don't bother asking her or them about it. It's too bad, cuz i hear great things about her. However, again, the agency itself is pretty open to discussing such matters in regards to the rest of their roster. So, don't be shy boys.

I've also been wanting to see a couple of Nadya's team members, but it just hasn't worked out cuz downtown is a bit difficult for me. Yes, i missed out on Neva, and still haven't come across Leah! Nevertheless, my communiques with her (or her receptionist) have never disappointed. Very professional and inviting to my clothing requests. No attitude at all. I'm sure my path will cross with them sooner than later.

Agencies who i have never communicated with (but who still look promising)
Satin Dreams. I have a feeling that they would meet any nylon requirements, based on the warm feeling i get from their ads. However, their roster and their photos have never lured me in, and it's too bad, because again, the agency feels good to me.
Stimulating photos are a big part of my personal "winning formula" LOL

General Disappointments
Although i will not divulge which agencies suck in this department (i'm only here to point out the good agencies), I have definitely had my share of agencies (both presently active, or now defunct), who i no longer deal with (even though they have nice rosters, with SPs that i would really like to see) who sounded serious during our communiques, and who confirmed to me that the SP would be nylon-clad, but when the SP opened the door (or if i opened the door), she clearly wasn't. And when i asked the SP about it, she was clearly clueless about what i had asked the booker for. Kinda hard to tell if the booker was jerking me around, or if it was the SP, or even both. But, my gut-feeling was (most of the time) telling me that it was the booker, who was clearly only interested in filling up the schedule. A part of me can't blame them either.

One agency in particular who i used many times in the past, now, for some reason, clearly jerks me around in these past 12-18 months or so. On my end, I would always make an effort to ensure i contacted them early in the day in order to be the early bird, but it seems to me that whenever we get to the part about how i want the SP to be dressed, they stall on me and suddenly get amnesia, and most of the time, they don't even respond and leave me hanging. And then, for example, they'll completely ignore my clothing request, and bypass it, by asking something like : "so where and what time". Or, they will say that they will ask the SP, but they never follow-up on it and they don't report back to me. However, after a certain amount of time, if i press them a second time about the clothing request, or say something like "did u get a response from the SP", they'll respond by saying that she's fully booked for the entire rest of the day, which could be possible....but not if it happens pretty much every time you deal with them. Again, this is understandable in an industry, where most clients probably have no requests besides "what time is she available?" And i'm certain that these agencies can keep their entire roster busy with those types of clients who make no demands.

It's tough for nylon-lovers. The struggle still continues......