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Thread: Do you prefer last minute meeting or advance booking?

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    Do you prefer last minute meeting or advance booking?

    I would really like to book well in advance, but the problem for me is I have sometimes last minute change of plans.

    Also, and more importantly, I am not always in the mood for meetings. I cannot know if I will be in the mood in 4 hours, let alone 3 or 4 days! So for me it's last minute appointments. And because of that, I sadly cannot hope to meet most indies I would like to, as most of them take meetings in advance. I have to stick with agencies and cross my fingers the women I want to meet are on the schedule that night at that time!

    So, what do YOU prefer?

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    I definitely prefer Booking in advance, It gives that anticipation of looking forward to something and that alone gets me in the mood.
    Actually even when i'm not in the mood all it took was for a woman to start kissing me or touching me and I would be good to go.

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    When you work for yoursell,it is very difficult to known your schedule in advance.For me last minute meeting are the best ,but you never known if the Sp you are looking for will workbut i have to live with it.

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    i perfer avance booking. i try to allways book in avance. this is some of the rason why wen i use to come to montreal for busness afew years ago, i deal more with eleganza, devilish, satindreamz, montrealsexcity then i deal with xxxtase and asservisante.

    only time wen i do last minute apointement is for plan b or plan c wen plan a cancel or to take avantage of a dayly speciel.

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    I prefer to book an hour or two before the meeting. I do once in a while 3-4 hour in advance but it is rare.
    I think last minute booking is the best way with indies and small agencies on Ad sites.

    I don't pre-book days in advance cause I'm not sure if I will still be in the mood for this and I don't like to cancel meetings...
    I don't say I will never do it but right now I don't have to.

    Yes I know that the only way to meet some top gfe girls is with the pre-booking.
    Like Julia at G4U that I saw, with my eyes only, at GG3 I believe and that I will not be able to meet until I decide to book days in advance...
    I said the same thing with Neva ex Nadya's and she retired before I could decide myself to book her a week in advance.

    I'll survive

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    I am pretty much exactly the same as you in regard to booking in advance UncleBob. I once booked 5 weeks in advance with one of Mtl's former legends (now retired) and the time leading up to the date was cool and all but what if i was not in the right mood that day? I was but what if i wasnt?

    Nowadays a few hours is good enough for me. There are exceptions like Maria Star who it is almost impossible for any man to NOT be in the mood for her or to not have a great time with and a few others but pre booking is really not my thing.

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