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Thread: Feelings about the police

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    Feelings about the police

    Assume that c-36 turns out the way I predict. Canada becomes like the United States in that every time a john has sex with a sex worker in exchange for compensation, he breaks the law. But since it extremely difficult for the police to prove that a sex for compensation even occurred, there is extremely little risk of arrest. But the john takes reasonable precautions, such as seeing reviewed providers, and sweats a bit every time an agency that has clearly stuck its neck out too far has a run-in with law enforcement. Deep down he knows that just having his cell phone number in the records of the agency does not prove that he exchanged money for sex, but he realizes that the cop has access to his cell phone number.

    My question is whether it changes that john's view of the police. My observation, at least with respect to the U.S., is that most johns have never had any contact with the police. While most escorts (and escort owners) have spent enough time on the "wrong" side of the tracks that they are deeply distrustful of cops and are a lot more streetwise.

    The effect that criminalization has on the mindset of john's is rarely examined or discussed. Most john's realize that the majority of sex workers use their earnings for things such as tuition and the support of family members such as their children, and obviously most john's do not view this activity as a crime, or view it as an act that should be criminalized. I think the criminalization of the john's activity, and the realization that he must take reasonable steps to avoid the police and learn to shut the fuck up in the highly unlikely even that he actually encounters a cop, makes the john less supportive of the police in general. You can argue that is a good thing if it makes the middle class white john more appreciative of what it is like to Drive While Black, or you can argue that it is a bad thing since that otherwise upstanding citizen is less likely to support a necessary part (the police) of a civilized society. But it inevitably changes the john's view of the police, in my opinion.

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    Look behind you.
    My opinion of the police.
    If they were not there someone would be getting protection money from you and good chance you will be raped, beaten or killed. They are doing their job. I have broken the law many times and should have been in jail many times but luck kept me free. I am always courteous to the police because they can be real fuckers if provoked.
    I do not worry about C-36.

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    Of course i will never consider that seeing escorts, smoking weed or walking drunk home(yes you can be arrested from that) is a crime and should be "punished". I put this in the "stupid law" bags and thanksfully those gives very little consequence, at least in term of laws point of view(what happen in your personal life is up to you). Should i be carefull? Yeah but at the same time i won't paranoie like a mad man for that...
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